Renee Zellweger Steps Out for 1st Time Since We All Lost It Over Her Face (VIDEO)

renee zellweger FIT Luncheon Carolina Herrera September 2014If last week's uproar over Renee Zellweger's unrecognizable face was a circus, this week's tone is more like, well, a library. Okay, maybe not quite. But the 45-year-old actress did manage to shut up the masses by responding to all the chatter about how she looked when she stepped out at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards last week.

Still, paparazzi were eager to get her to elaborate, it seems, and several got shots of her in Mississippi, where she is about to start filming her next project Same Kind of Different as Me. Stepping out in casual clothing, the actress was just going about her business when one paparazzo couldn't help but bluntly inquire about her face, and her response was absolutely priceless. Check it out. 


HA! The woman is clearly over it. She said her piece and is ready to move on. Seems like what we should all be doing! Not just because she actually does look more recognizable in her casual duds and under natural light. But because, as we've heard pointed out countless times since this story became Big News, Zellweger's not the first woman in Hollywood to age and/or have cosmetic surgery. And she doesn't need to explain her current look any further than she already has.

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What's more, these latest glimpses of Zellweger appear to show her looking genuinely happy, relaxed. Dare I say, comfortable in her own skin? In other words, they fully illustrate the point she tried to make last week -- that, yep, she's in her 40s, making healthier decisions, enjoying her life more now, and that's all that matters.

In other words, it's probably time for paparazzi to get off poor Renee Zellweger's doorstep already! Since she's filming a new flick, surely we'll be getting to see much more of her at some point anyway!

How do you feel about the continuing conversation on Renee Zellweger's looks at this point?


Image via Mayer RCF/Splash News

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