Halloween Costumes by the Stars: What You Should Be Based on Your Sign (PHOTOS)

woman standing on cliff looking up at the stars moonFrom perusing Pinterest to simply choosing a costume that's simple and either cracks your kids up or makes your husband all hot and bothered, there are a million ways to decide what to be for Halloween. But if you're stuck and searching for a stellar form of inspiration, perhaps you should consider what to be for Halloween based on your astrological sign!

You never know! The symbolism associated with the sun sign you were born under could lead you to the costume you're fated to wear. Or maybe it's just an entertaining place to start. Either way, we rounded up the top picks for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.


Check below to see the costumes that would be the perfect fit based on your sign, then tell us: Do you plan to wear -- or have you ever worn -- a costume that was astrologically inspired?

Image via iStock.com/SergeyNivens

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