10 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Any Mom Could Pull Off


AKA: me in the morning before my coffee! Ha! No, but seriously folks: Old T-shirt + red paint + scary makeup = Insta Zombie!

Image via suznourse/Instagram

6Pig in a Blanket

Get it? She's a PIG. In a BLANKET! I love punny costumes! And nothing could be simpler.


Put together an outfit with anything in a fall color palette (think oranges, rusts, and cozy browns), add a garland of fake autumn leaves, and you're all set! Pumpkin spice latte prop optional.

Image via Allan Donque/Flickr

8Red Devil

You just need to buy or make a pair of horns for this one, and go to town with some creative makeup. Find a red or black dress, and you're all set. (A pitchfork is nice for effect -- you're a devil, after all -- but you can get away with skipping it!)


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