10 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Any Mom Could Pull Off

10 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Any Mom Could Pull Off
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Oh hi, did anyone realize that Halloween is, like, RIGHT NOW? For those who've been too busy getting their kids' costumes ready for the school parade, and/or not eating the trick-or-treat candy (hey, that's a full-time job!) to figure out a good costume, never fear! We've got a bunch of great ideas busy moms can throw together with stuff around the house, or just a quick trip to the drugstore for an item or two. (Just don't go down the candy aisle. It's all on sale!)

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It can sometimes feel really hard to make the time to get dressed in the morning -- what with having to get everyone up and dressed and out the door before the kids miss the bus. How could I even begin to plan a costume? Well have no fear, we have made this process as easy as possible. Step 1) Scroll through this slideshow. Step 2) Choose a costume that is easy/simple/seems like it can be done between soccer practices. Step 3) Be a Halloween Queen! Dressing up for Halloween shouldn't be stressful, and every mom deserves to play dress-up with her kiddies.

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Whether feeling like a sassy kitty or something a little more Walking Dead (see #9!), anyone can find an inspiration here. Take a look, and then tell us if any of these costumes were inspiring! 


  • Wacky Witch


    Sometimes all you need is a fun wig and a silly, striped witch hat. Hand out a big bowl of treats or a cute Halloween dessert, and you're on everyone's best-dressed list!

  • Jack & Jill After They Fell Down the Hill


    You need just a few essential things for this Jill costume: a bucket, a head bandage, some body paint (for blood and grass stains), and a partner who can be your Jack!

  • Kitty Cat


    Image via Nico Paix/Flickr

    Everyone has a black outfit, right? You just need some ears, maybe a tail, and a makeup pencil for whiskers ... and you're done! Super easy.

  • Chic Pumpkin


    Image via Whimsical Nerd

    A green or brown cap on top with an orange dress, tights, or pants on the bottom, et voila! You could add some construction paper or felt cut-outs to your dress if you want to turn your pumpkin into a Jack-O'-Lantern!

  • Zombie


    AKA: me in the morning before my coffee! Ha! No, but seriously folks: Old T-shirt + red paint + scary makeup = Insta Zombie!

  • Pig in a Blanket


    Image via suznourse/Instagram

    Get it? She's a PIG. In a BLANKET! I love punny costumes! And nothing could be simpler.

  • Autumn


    Put together an outfit with anything in a fall color palette (think oranges, rusts, and cozy browns), add a garland of fake autumn leaves, and you're all set! Pumpkin spice latte prop optional.

  • Red Devil


    Image via Allan Donque/Flickr

    You just need to buy or make a pair of horns for this one, and go to town with some creative makeup. Find a red or black dress, and you're all set. (A pitchfork is nice for effect -- you're a devil, after all -- but you can get away with skipping it!)

  • Pop Art


    You can buy this great Pop Art Cutie costume ($58.99 at PlusSizeCostumes.com), but you can also DIY it! Here's a great Pop Art makeup tutorial to get you started.

  • 'Day of the Dead' Skeleton


    Image via ValerieAndersonArt/Instagram

    Granted, this requires some face-painting skills, but there are a ton of Day of the Dead makeup tutorials you can follow to get a really great look. Pair your spooktacular face with just about any dress, and add a big flower to your hair.


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