10 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Any Mom Could Pull Off


Oh hi, did anyone realize that Halloween is, like, RIGHT NOW? For those who've been too busy getting their kids' costumes ready for the school parade, and/or not eating the trick-or-treat candy (hey, that's a full-time job!) to figure out a good costume, never fear! We've got a bunch of great ideas busy moms can throw together with stuff around the house, or just a quick trip to the drugstore for an item or two. (Just don't go down the candy aisle. It's all on sale!)

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It can sometimes feel really hard to make the time to get dressed in the morning -- what with having to get everyone up and dressed and out the door before the kids miss the bus. How could I even begin to plan a costume? Well have no fear, we have made this process as easy as possible. Step 1) Scroll through this slideshow. Step 2) Choose a costume that is easy/simple/seems like it can be done between soccer practices. Step 3) Be a Halloween Queen! Dressing up for Halloween shouldn't be stressful, and every mom deserves to play dress-up with her kiddies.

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Whether feeling like a sassy kitty or something a little more Walking Dead (see #9!), anyone can find an inspiration here. Take a look, and then tell us if any of these costumes were inspiring!