Women Who Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes Don't Deserve to Be Judged

sluttoween halloween costumesIt happens every Halloween. Inevitably, someone, somewhere starts a whole lot of hand-wringing over the costumes available to women for the holiday. They are too sexy, too over-the-top. "This is Halloween, not 'Sluttoween,'" they might say.

It's ridiculous. 

Now, obviously, we have to draw the line somewhere. Skimpy Frozen costumes? That's too much. But what's so bad about a woman wanting to look hot on Halloween? Sure, we should want to look good all year round, but Halloween is a special time where anything goes. Even the most repressed woman lets her sexy flag fly on October 31, and there's not a dang thing wrong with that.

Sadly, as a mom, I hung up my Sluttoween shoes long ago. But maybe sometime, I'll put them back on. Because the truth is, it's fun to feel attractive sometimes.


And maybe that is what the slutty costume haters forget. When they mock a girl for daring to wear a short white skirt and white bustier with her breasts spilling out, what they are actually saying is this: You can't love your body. You shouldn't be dressing so provocatively. You're a show-off. You just want attention. You're pathetic.

It's a "safe" way to bully someone since everyone else is bound to agree.

It's not right. If a woman wants to be sexy Sponge-Bob, then let her.

It's far too easy in our culture to knock women for their choices. It runs the gamut from the big ones -- moms should be home with their children (or moms should be out earning a living) -- to the smaller ones -- dressing sexily for Halloween is for desperate, insecure girls. It's all the same.

It's one more way to keep women in check. It's one more way to tell them what they can wear, how they can behave, and what will make them socially acceptable.

I'm not buying it. I miss the days when I felt confident enough about my body and looks that I went out as a Playboy bunny or a zombie hooker. I miss the days when I would wear short skirts and bustier tops and feel good about myself. Was I silly and frivolous? Probably. Was I trying to get attention? Probably. Did I deserve to be made fun of and bullied? Does anyone?

The next time you see a woman out there dressed in fishnets and a bunny tail, walking down the street at the end of October, instead of rolling your eyes, think this instead: She feels sexy. She's comfortable in her own skin. Support that. Smile at her.

Someday she, too, will be a mom and miss those days. So, girls, flaunt it while you can. And to all the sexy Halloween costume critics, stop judging. You probably just wish you looked that good in a Wonder Woman suit.

Do you make fun of girls who dress sexy for Halloween?


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