Shailene Woodley's Breast Comments Are Exactly What Every Mom Needs to Hear

shailene woodley

It must be pretty challenging being a young woman today. Everywhere you look, you're bombarded with images of half-naked women, most of whom have breasts the size of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade floats. (Real Housewives and Kardashians, I'm looking at you!)

What's a small-breasted or even normal-breasted gal to do? If you're actress Shailene Woodley, you own it. Proudly!

The 22-year-old, who will next appear sans clothing in White Bird in a Blizzard, is refreshingly comfortable with her body, particularly her rack.


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shailene woodley

The confident starlet says of her nude scene:

I was not fully robed. And our bodies had no makeup. Who needs makeup? I’m only 22. My boobs are great. They don’t need any help.

Wow, good for her! 

And though I haven't seen the film, I'm sure her boobs do look great, because as she points out, she's 22! I do know a few lucky moms who moved up a cup size while their breasts miraculously retained their perkiness post-childbirth and breastfeeding. But for many others, it's all downhill, literally (think nipples pointing toward your knee caps), after having kids. So, while you've got it, flaunt it, if you're comfortable doing so. Enjoy your flawless skin before time and gravity sneak up on you! 

Writer and actress Lena Dunham isn't afraid to go au naturel, even in the face of detractors who love to point out that she's anything but a size 2. But her fans adore her for it and it's so good for young girls to see that not everyone needs to go under the knife to love their bodies. 

It's great to see these women with plenty of self-esteem and healthy body images who are proud and happy with what they've got rather than trying to blend into someone else's standard of "beautiful."

Do you find Shailene Woodley's attitude refreshing? 

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