10 Breast Cancer Survivors' Mastectomy Tattoos That Are Stunning & Inspiring

Image via Amy Black, Amy Black Tattoos

1Cherry Blossoms

This beautiful chain of cherry blossoms is just one of Black's many remarkable pieces.

"I work proudly at my own studio and receive referrals from local plastic surgeons," she explains.

2Blooming Flower

P.ink, an organization dedicated to educating breast cancer survivors about mastectomy tattoos as an alternative healing option, held their annual P.ink Day earlier this month -- a 12-city event with 38 survivors receiving tattoos.

In Baltimore, survivor Kathy (pictured here) had this impressive floral tattoo done by Anali De Laney of Never Say Die Tattoo.

4Royal Heart

Tattoo artist Darren Hall from Rising Tide Tattoo created this colorful, powerful Claddagh (an Irish design that symbolizes friendship, loyalty, and love) for survivor Jennifer at the P.ink Day in Boulder, Colorado. The next day Jennifer shared that she "woke up feeling like I'm living a dream!!"

Image via Amy Black


Black did this beautiful grape vine tattoo for a survivor who had a bilateral mastectomy with no breast reconstruction, explaining, "She wanted art to heal." Incredible.

Image via Katie McClung

6Monarch Butterflies on Trees

At this year's annual P.ink Day in San Francisco, Kristy Quiñones of Black and Blue Tattoo inked this stunning piece. It was her first time working with a breast cancer survivor.

"I really connect with my recent client Kerri's story and wanted to do more and get involved to help women in her same position," she tells The Stir. "It really hit me hearing about women who don't feel sexy or womanly at all due to their battle."

Kerri's reaction? "It's amazing. I can't see scars at all anymore and the last thing that comes to mind now is missing nipples. This is totally life-changing for me mentally and emotionally. "

Image via Shannon Purvis/Indigo Rose Tattoo Studio

7Nature-Inspired 'Bra'

North Carolina-based tattoo artist Baylen Levore tattooed this feminine, feathery bra-like piece for a survivor. So gorgeous!

Image via Amy Black


"This client had her mastectomy several years before we connected," Black explains of this whimsical design. "She wanted flowers and a butterfly instead of the anatomical nipple/areola tattoos and was very happy with her results!"

Image via Amy Black

9Rainbow Butterfly

For this lateral mastectomy, Black tattooed a small, multi-hued butterfly. So simple, so lovely.

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