10 Breast Cancer Survivors' Mastectomy Tattoos That Are Stunning & Inspiring

woman with shoulder tattooEvery October, we have a national conversation about breast cancer and what we can do to further understanding, awareness, and acceptance. But every month of the year, breast cancer patients are battling and surviving. And every month of the year, women undergo mastectomies -- during which breast tissue and sometimes nipples are removed -- as a result of the disease.


Sure, many opt for reconstruction afterward. But more and more often, they're opting for reconstruction and mastectomy tattoos.

"I see emotional, physical, and mental improvement for the client if tattooing is their choice of recovery/reconstruction," says Amy Black, a tattoo artist who has worked on hundreds of mastectomy patients over the past three years and recently started her own nonprofit, the Pink Ink Fund.

"They can see something new and beautiful that either helps cover, distract, or sometimes even enhance what is left after surgery. To see someone beam true happiness is indescribable for me."

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Like Black, many other tattoo artists are now teaming up with nonprofits and plastic surgeons to work one-on-one with breast cancer survivors and create beautiful body art on their busts. We rounded up 10 images of their gorgeous work.

beautiful mastectomy tattoos

Check out these 10 beautiful mastectomy tattoos.

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