16 Fun Family Halloween Costume Ideas

little mermaid family costume

It's that spooky time of year again -- Halloween is upon us. Along with important decisions like what kind of candy to buy so no one eats it all before the trick-or-treaters arrive, and where to put the carved pumpkins so the rabid squirrels don't EAT THEM (is that just my neighborhood?), it's time to plan the Halloween costumes! For the whole family! That's assuming everyone's feeling festive enough to play along. 

It's so adorable, even jealousy-inducing, to see an entire family dressed up in a common theme for Halloween, isn't it? Sure, the preparation can be intense, but man, friends and family on Instagram will surely be impressed. And what's more important than that really?

For anyone interested in being one of those super-cute, coordinating broods this year, we've gathered a bunch of great family costume inspo. From Star Wars and Disney to Scooby Doo and Despicable Me, there is something fun in here for families of all sizes. Even if the idea of simply going headless and horrifying for Halloween sounds like fun, we've got it covered.   

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Check out these 16 neat ideas for coordinating the whole family's costumes on Halloween. There's even a cute and creative celebrity family a few slides in!

  • Star Wars Family


    Love this Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala with their twins Leia and Luke (just imagine Padmé didn't right die after childbirth, okay?). Perfect family costume idea for Star Wars fans. 

  • Rap Group


    Gotta love this mom and her four boys dressed up as a '90s rap group. They've got the perfect amount of bling and attitude, don't they?

  • 'The Little Mermaid' Characters


    This Disney-loving family looks fantastic. Here we have King Triton, Ariel, Prince Eric, and Ursula, all from The Little Mermaid. Lots of good inspiration to find in this family's amazing-looking costumes. 

  • Glinda, Dorothy & the Wicked Witch of the West


    I'm not sure which witch would be more fun to be for a night, Glinda or someone a bit more wicked! Party City has a bunch of Wizard of Oz costumes for sale.

  • The Scooby Doo Gang



    What a cute way to get the family dog in on the action! Most of these costumes look doable with clothes from home paired with some key items, like a Daphne wig. Of course, if you don't have a dog, order a Scooby Doo costume for one of the kids!

  • A Wonka Family


    Perfect if you need a costume that will accommodate a baby bump! Or, of course, if you just want to be the cutest family on the block. Check out Mia Bella Vida for more adorable photos.

  • The Addams Family


    Gomez, Morticia, and dear little Wednesday. A brilliant idea for a family with a flair for the darker side of things. And of course, there are plenty more characters to add for bigger families -- who wants to be Cousin It?!

  • Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, Alice & the White Rabbit


    Stars, they really are just like us! That is, they're willing to look like adorkable goofballs in the name of a ridiculously cute family Halloween costume. I look forward to seeing what Neil Patrick Harris, his hubby David Burtka, and their darling twins wear this year! (You can find Alice in Wonderland costumes at just about any costume store!)

  • Mario Bros.



    Pay homage to the many satisfying hours you spent as a kid playing Mario Bros with your best friend's little brother. (Or was that just me?)

  • Day of the Dead ... Family


    The costumes pictured here for Dad, Mom, and daughter are all available at PartyCity.com. I love the face-painting possibilities!

  • Goldilocks & the Three Bears


    Our editor Sasha and her family made a super cute family of bears plus one cute-as-a-button Goldilocks. (This year, though, they'll need an idea for five family members!)

  • 'Despicable Me' Family


    The family that emerges by the end of Despicable Me is one of the sweetest families on screen, ever. Don't you think? Sigh. You can DIY a lot of this look, or I found some great, reasonably priced Despicable Me costumes on HalloweenCostumes.com.

  • The Headless Family



    Prefer to bypass the cutesy and head right for the freaky? Scare the heck out of your neighbors by posing as a family that's lost ALL of its heads! You can DIY headless costumes, or buy them!

  • 'A Christmas Story': Ralphie, the Lamp & Fragile


    This might be my favorite family Halloween costume idea EVER. A Christmas Story trio, including poor Ralphie in his Bunny Suit, the Leg Lamp, and the Fragile Box (pronounced Frag-eeee-lay, of course).

  • The Muppets: Animal, Kermit & Swedish Chef


    At $200 for the set, this trio of handmade costumes isn't cheap, but it is beautifully done! And those really are some of the most fun Muppet characters. For a larger family, add a Miss Piggy! Check out Pinterest for cool homemade Muppet ideas.

  • The Neanderthal Family



    The family that bangs two rocks together to make a fire stays together! This cute costume set (which is nursing-mom-friendly!) is available for $65 on Etsy.com, but you could also make your own with some creatively draped animal-print fabric. It's really all about those eyebrows!