Dying Mother Leaves Her Daughter Larger Breasts in Her Will

breast implants surgeryIt's not uncommon to fantasize about undergoing plastic surgery to alter that one physical trait you're less than thrilled with. But that fantasy has stuck with a woman named Carol Stapleton for 40 years. At 55 years old, she says that she's thought about getting breast implants since she was 15! But as an adult, she became divorced with a young son, and she was diagnosed with MS and unable to work, so the expensive operation was out of the question -- until her mom passed away, leaving her daughter the funds to finally go for it.

When her 82-year-old mother, Joan, died of a chest infection related to emphysema in March 2012, she left over $6K in her will for Stapleton to go from an A-cup to a DD.


Stapleton explained to The Daily Mail:

Mum knew how much I wanted surgery, but there was always something more important to spend the money on. One day, I was moaning about it as usual when she sat me down and told me when she was gone there would be enough money for me to get them done and that she wanted me to have the surgery.

All right, so at first blush, it may seem completely crazy that someone would spend their inheritance on breast implants, or that a dying mother's wish would be for her daughter to go get breast implants.

But considering how Stapleton suffered depression as a result of her body insecurities and has dreamed of getting implants for so long, it makes complete sense. It's actually really heartwarming that her mom wanted to provide her daughter with the means to make that wish come true.

Stapleton says, "It meant the world to me that not only was she giving me her blessing, but she was actually making it possible." She also shared how she believes her mom visited her, as she wanted to watch over her around the time of her surgery.

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Ultimately, this wasn't even about breast implants. As Stapleton put it, she feels like her mom offered her a chance at feeling more confident and happier overall, asking, "What mother wouldn't want that for her daughter?" Right on.

And if even if it had to take plastic surgery for Stapleton to feel that way, that's all right. It sounds like she's finally at peace with her body, which is another thing her mom would have undoubtedly wanted for her, as well.

Would you ever take money from a parent for plastic surgery or give it to your child?

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