Woman Wears 3 Different Outfits to See Which Attracts the Most Men & Makes Shocking Discovery

woman dresses in 3 outfitsDo men like women who dress provocatively or do they prefer a more casually dressed woman? This was the question dating expert Hayley Quinn was attempting to answer when she took to the London streets dressed in three outfits -- in sweats, a red nightclub-style dress, and a low-cut T-shirt, leather jacket, and "stripper" heels. Armed with a subway map and a confused look, she was going for the "lost" tourist vibe.

The idea was to find out which outfit garnered more male attention and offers to rescue the damsel in distress she was pretending to be.

What she found was telling -- and surprising.


As it turns out, women just don't get approached that much by men at all. And while she DID get attention in all three outfits, there was not a very noticeable difference in the amount of attention she got based on what she wore.

In fact, the only MAJOR difference was that while she was dressed in the sexy, low-cut and leather get-up, one of the men who did stop to help stopped quickly (nearly killing himself to do so) AND spent more time chatting with her than the guys who approached her in the other clothes. She also got checked out a lot more in the revealing outfit.

So what is the takeaway for real women? How about for moms?

Besides the obvious conclusion that we can and should dress however we are comfortable, the fact is women just don't get hit on that much. There is this popular notion believed by women and men alike that a lady just has to walk out the door before she's immediately bombarded by 50 guys trying to get her number. That is simply not true.

But even more, the outfits we wear have very little impact either way. It's something I've always suspected, but it's important to be aware of, especially when there's often so much judgment among women over what other women are wearing.

Bottom line is: It makes no difference! You could be in a sweatshirt and jeans or in hot boots and a tight shirt and STILL get the same number of approving looks from guys.

So wear what you want, ladies. If you are dressing to impress the men, you are wasting your time. Confidence and personality speak much louder than fashion, at least when it comes to the opposite sex. 

Do you think you get approached more wearing certain outfits?


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