Beyonce Gets Super Short Bangs & Drastically Changes Look (PHOTOS)

beyonceBeyonce is a bit of a hair chameleon. She has worn it short and long, curly and straight, with big bouncy waves and with braids. And of course she looks amazing no matter what she does with her locks. She could shave all her hair off and still be flawless. But Queen Bey went and did something a little more risky than I expected. She cut bangs. And not just any kind of bangs or even the kind of long fringe she's had in the past. Beyonce now has drastically short bangs.


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Now that's drastic! Let's remember that Beyonce is a mega-star and there is a good chance the reason she seems to have a different hairstyle every other week is because she has incredible stylists and the best hair products and add-ons and extensions money can buy. So if she hated these super blunt bangs, she could change them in a second. Us regular folk aren't that lucky. Once you cut bangs like this, you're stuck with them for a long, often grueling, growing out process.

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But when it works, it works wondrously. Beyonce looks stunning with these blunt bangs. It adds a certain playfulness to her look. It's almost the same hairstyle I have accidentally given my 4-year-old daughter when I got too ambitious with the scissors. On Bey though, it's pure beauty. 

What do you think of Beyonce's blunt bangs? Would you get a hairstyle like this?


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