12 Terrifyingly Creepy Tattoos Just in Time for Halloween

Adriana Velez | Oct 25, 2014 Beauty & Style
12 Terrifyingly Creepy Tattoos Just in Time for Halloween
Image: iStock.com/BeauSnyder

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Many tattoos do tend to look a little gothic. That's the point, for a lot of people. But some ink goes farther. There's a sleeve full of thorny red roses -- and then there's a sleeve full of sinister skulls! Shiver. Halloween is obviously the perfect time of year to break out some of the spookiest ones. But be warned: Nightmares abound!

When it comes to tattoos, it's not all anchors, pinup girls, and hearts that say "Mom." Nope, not by a long shot. In fact, many tattoo wearers are into expressing something else entirely. From monsters and goat-headed figures to the Grim Reaper and even illustrations of exposed rib cages, many people love going for the ghoul and horror when they get new ink. The scarier, the darker ... the better! 

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Dim the lights and have a look through this roundup of eerie tattoos, if you dare! You won't find any cutesy hearts or splashing dolphin tattoos in this mix. These are some of the creepiest tattoos we've ever seen.

How do these people sleep at night? 

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  • Goat-Headed Creature


    Image via Micael Faccio/Flickr

    This is a tattoo of the occult character Baphomet, typically depiced with a goat head. With the snakes and the skull he's clearly hatching some sort of evil plan. Beware!

  • Eerie Face


    Image via ian.mcrob/Flickr

    I don't even know what this is, but it's totally creeping me out. Those eyes! Imagine staring at this back while you're waiting in line for your funnel cake at the state fair. Shivers.

  • Dia de los Muertos Skull


    Image via Tony Alter/Flickr

    I love the beautiful, ornate skulls you see around the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos (November 1 and 2). Traditionally they're sculpted out of sugar, but as a tattoo? ¡Que linda!

  • Macabre Family Tree


    Image via Kasey Eriksen/Flickr

    This woman's family tree tattoo has a gothic look to it, doesn't it? The dark, twisting branches and the skeleton figure holding it all ... what is she saying about her family?

  • Skeletal Card Player


    Image via Jeff Wright/Flickr

    That's one frightful card player this man has on his side! Would she have an advantage over you in a game of poker? Can't really tell if she smiling or grimacing.

  • One-Eyed Monster


    Image via Tony Alter/Flickr

    Rawer! I don't know what this one-eyed creature is, but sure is fierce ... in a kind of adorable, slightly comical way.

  • Terrifying Couple


    Image via Patrik Ottosson/Flickr

    What is even going on here? If I were up on my occult mythology maybe I'd know. As it is, it's kind of reminding me of a blind date gone terribly wrong. ("He didn't look anything like his photo! He had horns, and that's not even the worst of it.")

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  • Grim Reaper


    Image via mytat_2s/Flickr

    Either this is the Grim Reaper or this man has just discovered how cold you get when you don't have skin. Brr, where's my cloak?

  • Eyes & Snakes


    Image via Paul Woods/Flickr

    Snakes, eyeballs, skulls -- ALL of the scary things together in one super-creepy tattoo!

  • Exposed Ribs


    Image via Tony Alter/Flickr

    Ouch! A tattoo that looks like a big bear took a big swipe at your side -- it's almost too realistic, don't you think?

  • Corpse Bride


    Image via Mateus Lunardi Dutra/Flickr

    This corpse bride tattoo brings us to the intersection of cuteness, goth, and sass. Pretty cool!

  • Vampire Bat


    Image via Pat Pilon/Flickr

    It's a creepy vampire bat, hiding just above an ankle! I wonder if it ever changes into a vampire?

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