The One Thing Ruining Your Sexy Legs & What You Can Do to Fix It

kneesWe've all heard of cankles (the unsightly merging of your calves and your ankles), but are you familiar with kninkles? They're those knee wrinkles that turn your otherwise happy legs into frowny faces. 

As if you need one more thing to worry about, right? Well, here's a bit of comfort: Sagging skin doesn't discriminate. Even macrobiotic maven and yoga-enthusiast Gwyneth Paltrow's knees have been called out while super-skinny former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham's kninkles have also been noticed!

While this clearly isn't a medical condition anyone needs to be worried about, it can certainly be disheartening when you want to look your best in a skirt or shorts. 

If the thought of kninkles makes you weak in the knees (pun intended), you're not alone. But, unfortunately, it's only natural that as we age, the skin loses its elasticity and collagen production slows. So, what's a gal who wants to show off her gams to do?


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elle macpherson

Even supermodel Elle Macpherson has been called out for having kninkles despite her slim frame.

Dr. Cecilia Tregear of the London-based Wimpole Skin Clinic told the Daily Mail:

Poor nutrition, sun damage, unbalanced or declining hormones — due to stress and approaching menopause — as well as a diet high in sugar all conspire to create wrinkly knees.

But don't despair and pack up all those short skirts and mini-dresses just yet. Here are 6 ways to combat kninkles, according to experts:

1. Exfoliate: Using a loofah or a body brush, exfoliate the knees daily to promote and stimulate collagen production, according to skincare specialists at

2. Moisturize: Marta at shares her thoughts on the top 5 moisturizers on the market. She suggests keeping skin healthy and hydrated -- especially if you spend a lot of time out in the sun, which leads us to ...

3. Use Sunscreen: While your knees might seem pretty durable, the skin still needs your protection. The experts at recommend using SPF 15 or higher every time you venture out into the sun. UV rays are among the biggest threats to unprotected skin. 

4. Exercise: Consider trying yoga or Pilates or doing some shallow knee bends that work the upper and lower knees as well as the thighs. For an idea of where to begin, check out this video tutorial to help keep muscles and skin toned

5. Drink Plenty of Water: The skin is the body's largest organ, so treat it well. Drinking lots of water will make your skin appear plumper -- remember, raisins were grapes before they dried out! The experts at suggest downing between 8 and 12 glasses of H2O a day

6. Eat Well: There are some superfoods that experts swear can help stave off wrinkles because they're chock-full of antioxidants and carry oxygen to the skin. Natural Health magazine recommends blueberries, tomatoes, kale, salmon, red peppers, and carrots. Plus, a healthy diet will give you the strength to do those exercises that will keep your legs toned -- and, hopefully, kninkle-free!

Do you have kninkles? If so, what, if anything, do you do about them?  

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