'Hilarious' Ebola Halloween Costumes Aren't Even a Little Bit Funny (PHOTO)

breaking bad costume

Hey, you guys! You know what would be the funniest Halloween costume this year? Definitely NOT an Ebola health care worker costume. Nor an Ebola patient. But you know people are going to don Hazmat suits and surgical masks this Halloween anyway. Why? Because people are scared, and when people are scared, they like to make fun of what scares them.


But don't do it, okay? And for the love of all that is holy, don't let your kid do it, either.

It's still a little early to say if this is actually going to be a theme this year, but we hear retailers have Breaking Bad costumes left over from last year. And those yellow jumpsuits and gloves may get snatched up this year for a very different kind of costume.

Just look at what happened at a Dallas Cowboys game a couple weeks ago. Many fans dressed up in surgical masks and Hazmat suits because LOL EBOLA AMIRITE?!? This happened a couple days before Ebola victim Eric Duncan died, so it's not quite as insensitive as it seems now. But yeesh.

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Two nurses who treated Duncan have tested positive for Ebola. With early treatment, their chances of recovery are good, though you never know. But imagine if one of these women were your sister, mother, best friend. Imagine how Eric Duncan's son feels, having just lost his father. How funny is that Ebola-themed costume now?

Like I said, we wear costumes of things that scare us at Halloween. Making light of Ebola probably gives some people a sense of relief -- and I can't blame anyone for wanting that.

But the thing is you should feel relief that your chances of contracting Ebola are infinitesimal. You're more likely to die of the flu this year. Hell, you're more likely to get struck by lightning.

Anyway, if you know someone who is planning something like this, maybe you could tell them, "Come on, you're more creative than that. Don't be that guy, the guy who dresses up as Ignorant Insensitive Hivemind Dolt. Let me help you come up with a better costume so I'll actually want to be seen with you this Halloween." Folks, friends don't let friends dress up as Ebola.

What do you think of Halloween costumes that make light of the Ebola virus?


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