'Life & Style' Beauty Awards: 8 Products the Stars Can't Live Without (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Oct 13, 2014 Beauty & Style
'Life & Style' Beauty Awards: 8 Products the Stars Can't Live Without (PHOTOS)

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Whether you're browsing in a drugstore or a department store, the sheer number of cosmetics you're faced with can be enough to overwhelm even the most product-savvy shopper. Hence why it's helpful to get expert advice on which products are worth shelling out for. And who better to trust than people who always have to be camera-ready for the paparazzi? 

Life & Style Weekly asked a panel of experts, editors, and celebs to test hundreds of beauty products across 50 different categories and whittled down the pile for their 2014 Best of Beauty Awards. Check out these 8 glamorous, effective picks that even mere mortals could benefit from using.

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Which of these are you most intrigued to try?

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  • MAC Bronzing Powder


    Image via MACCosmetics.com

    Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell revealed that her go-to bronzer is MAC Bronzing Powder ($25, MACCosmetics.com), because it "leaves you looking sunkissed, without looking too harsh." We have to agree: A subtle glow is prettiest!

  • Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation


    Image via Nordstrom

    Once Upon a Time star Jamie Chung is said to be "obsessed" with the designer foundation ($64, Nordstrom.com). “It’s the best, because it goes on light, but still provides great coverage," she tells Life & Style. "And it never looks caked on.” And it has SPF 15, so it protects your skin to boot.

  • Stila 'Stay All Day' Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner


    Image via Nordstrom

    Chung also adores Stila's waterproof eye liner ($20, Nordstrom.com), because “the brush allows you to draw the perfect cat-eye.” And a perfect cat-eye can totally transform your look from blah to BAM! Sign us up!

  • CND SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner


    Image via CND.com

    When it comes to grooming stars' digits, NYC-based nail artist Miss Pop Nails is a huge fan of reaching for CND SolarOil cuticle oil ($7.59, Drugstore.com), because "it’s the quickest and cheapest way to make your hands look good, even if they’re not polished,” she tells Life & Style.

  • Tom Ford Makeup Brushes


    Image via Nordstrom.com

    Makeup guru Andre Sarmiento, who works with Kate Bosworth, told the magazine that he is head over heels for the fashion designer's makeup brushes ($46-$115, Nordstrom.com), because they are both luxurious and effective. "The bristles are beyond soft, and the brush itself feels amazing in your hand," he explains.

  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow


    Image via MakeUpForEver.com

    Make Up For Ever is beloved by many celeb cosmetics pros, because their products make subjects look ultra-gorgeous on camera. So it's no wonder Sarmiento adores the brand's eye shadow pencil ($21, MakeUpForEver.com). He raves about the gorgeous colors they come in and says that "once they've set, they stay pretty all day." We're sold!

  • Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream


    Image via Clinique.com

    Kim Kardashian's cosmetic dermatologist Simon Ourian, MD, was on Life & Style's panel and highly recommends Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream ($26, Clinique.com). He loves it because "it’s gentle and effective and has a nice smell and texture." Sounds like a winner!

  • Unite 7Seconds Refresher Dry Shampoo


    Nikki Lee, hairstylist and colorist to stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson, swears by this high-end dry shampoo ($42, Amazon.com). The reason: "It has a great smell," she explains. "And doesn't leave a powdery residue on hair." Definitely sounds like it's worth it!

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