Penelope Cruz Named 'Sexiest Woman Alive' & Has a Pretty Surprising Reaction

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Believe it or not, Esquire has only been naming the Sexiest Women Alive for 10 years! And to mark a decade of celebrating the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, they've passed the baton from Scarlett Johansson (a new mom who, let's face it, is still the Sexiest Woman Alive as far as many are concerned!) to Penelope Cruz. Which is notable not only because the Spanish actress is drop dead gorgeous, but also because she's 40 and a mom of 2! 

It's not the first time the men's magazine has honored a woman with those credentials. In 2008, Halle Berry, then a mom of one (daughter Nahla), became the oldest winner at age 42, and in 2009, Kate Beckinsale, also mom of one, took the title. So clearly, Esquire has no problem showing respect for gorgeous mamas! As they should! 

Just LOOK at Penelope on Esquire's new cover.


esquire cover penelope cruz

Wow, right? Seriously, she doesn't look like she's aged at all since she stepped on the Hollywood scene with her first American breakout roles in Blow and Vanilla Sky in 2001. And if anything, she's only gotten more glam and confident. 

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One of the most notably sexy aspects of the Esquire shoot is that Cruz looks insanely comfortable in her skin. In turn, it seems like it's even easier for her to own her sexuality and look flawless. Love that! But don't assume she's perfect. Like any other mom, it sounds like Cruz has her moments and challenges. Discussing 1-year-old daughter Luna and 3-year-old son Leo with husband Javier Bardem, Cruz admitted she's "exhausted" by parenting, telling Esquire this month that "she doesn't feel like the sexiest woman alive, she feels like a mother who doesn't get enough sleep."

HA, how many moms can relate to that?! If even Penelope Cruz can't really see herself as sexy, of course most moms struggle with it. As gorgeous as you may truly be, feeling sexy can be incredibly tough when your days are bursting at the seams with playdates and your nights are restless and filled with feedings and spitup.

Still, at least judging from her Esquire shoot, Penelope has figured out how to own that part of her life and her sexuality. And if she can do it, so can other moms!

And being a hot mama serves to make her even more worthy of the title. After all, being able to be an award-winning siren of the big screen and raise two little ones? I'm sure Esquire's editors would agree that's pretty much the epitome of hot.

What do you think about Penelope's Esquire cover? Can you relate to how she feels as a mom?

Images via Stuart C. Wilson/Getty & Esquire

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