Amazing 'Frozen' Wedding Gown Is One Dress Even I'd Wear (PHOTOS)

Confession: I usually hate Disney princess-inspired anything marketed to adult women. I also dislike sparkles, most sequins, all tiaras, and almost everything that poofs out to make it look like you're a damsel about to have a serious case of the vapors.

This should make me the least qualified person in the world to write about Alfred Angelo's latest Frozen-inspired wedding gown. But I can't help myself. I LOVE it. I love every single doggone detail on the Queen Elsa wedding dress. I love it so much that, if I were getting married again, I'd attempt to change my ceremony date so it could take place in December JUST SO I could wear this dress. Because, did I mention, the design looks just like falling snow? And that it features a Watteau train that has the feel of a cape you'd wear while riding the Orient Express in January? Officially obsessed.


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Admittedly, one of the reasons I adore this gown is because it lacks some of the typical princess dress characteristics. It doesn't feature excessive layers of frill and organza or a voluminous skirt. The dress, which comes in both ice-blue and ivory, is a simple flared sheath gown with a sweetheart neckline and extraordinary details: crystal beads that start off large at the bodice and fade toward the bottom so that they resemble snowflakes:

And that train! It's traditional yet unique.

The highly anticipated Elsa gown is part of Angelo's 2015 Disney Fairytale Weddings Bridal Collection. As a woman with very un-Disney taste, I still think most of his dresses -- and he makes one for every princess from Ariel to Tiana -- are totally wearable and even sophisticated.

Good job bringing a fave Disney princess to life -- and an overall gorgeous wedding gown for the winter bride.

What do you think of the Elsa wedding gown? Would you wear it?

Image via JP Yim/Getty Images

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