Kate Hudson's Makeup-Free Selfie Is Stunningly Intimate (PHOTO)

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With natural beauty-lovin' flower child Goldie Hawn for a mom, Kate Hudson has never been one to cake on cosmetics, but she still grew up watching her mom plop down in the makeup chair on movie sets. Years later, the actress clearly knows how to amp up the glam for the red carpet and in her roles on the big and small screen. But she also has no shame about going au naturel.

Case in point: Kate snapped and shared a selfie on Instagram yesterday, and in the pic, she's bared it all!

Check it out.



It's just that kinda morning... � #wishitwasfriday #coldshowertime

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Okay, so the 35-year-old star only went so far as to peek her makeup-free face out halfway, but still. We know the other half is just as gorgeous and glowy.

Captioning the pic, "It's just that kinda morning... #wishitwasfriday #coldshowertime," Kate obviously would have preferred to get a little more shuteye, but it's not like she needs her beauty rest. She should have added one more hashtag a la Beyonce: #IWokeUpLikeThis.

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No, no, we aren't all Kate Hudson, blessed with ageless Goldie genes! But still, it's inspiring. After all, the woman is a busy working mom of two boys, 10-year-old Ryder and 3-year-old Bingham. That's gotta wear on her face at least a bit.

And yet, she isn't shying away from the camera at the crack of dawn or putting off selfies until she's gotten into the makeup chair. Let's give her credit for that! After all, we could all stand to be a bit more accepting of ourselves on "that kinda morning."

How do you feel about sharing a snap of yourself pre-shower and makeup?

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