Jennifer Garner Has the Ultimate 'Mom' Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTO)

jennifer garner

This is just the worst. With her husband Ben Affleck running around boasting of his full-frontal shot in Gone Girl, Jennifer Garner pulled a full-frontal, too, accidentally. Garner flashed her nude-colored Spanx at the premiere of her film, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And it wasn't just a teeny glimpse. We saw nude spandex all the way up to her navel. Zoiks!

I hate to say it, but it was SUCH a mom move. 'Twas the fault of her split skirt. Somehow she managed to yank up a corner with her clutch while sharing a laugh with costar Steve Carell.

Talk about a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad wardrobe malfunction! Hey, wait a minute ...


Isn't this wardrobe malfunction just a little too cleverly synchronized with the title of this movie? And isn't it odd that Garner is wearing Spanx at all?!? WHAT, pray tell, is there to hold in? She's too slim for shapewear. And she's wearing a skirt that's pretty figure-forgiving to begin with.

Hmm ... me thinks we're being played by Ms. Garner.

jennifer garner wardrobe malfunction alexander premiere

But let's play along anyhow. Let's pretend this isn't a goofy, obvious publicity stunt. OH MAH GAH, poor Jen! This is the worst. Not only did she flash her undies, she just revealed that she wears shapewear. Jennifer! Garner! Wears shapewear! Even though! She's skinny! What the heck!

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I mock. But actually, I've heard Garner talk about wearing Spanx before (like three children before). I think when you've got cameras and flashbulbs trained on you, it's natural to want everything to look flawless from every angle. She's not taking any chances. Except for picking up a corner of her skirt ...

Maybe next time don't wear a wrap-around skirt? Those things can be dangerous. Ever wear one in the wind? Horrible. No good. Very bad.

If this actually was an accident, I hope Garner wasn't too embarrassed. Good thing she was wearing something and wasn't going commando. The truth is, this sort of thing happens to all of us. It's just that usually there aren't so many people watching.

What's the most embarrassing public wardrobe malfunction you've ever suffered?


Images via Max DeAngelo, PacificCoastNews, Splash News

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