Cody Sattler Proves Love for Michelle Money With Painful Botox Injections (VIDEO)

Cody Sattler

Aww. Isn't it funny how people will do all sorts of crazy things in the name of love?

Now that Cody Sattler is living with Michelle Money in Utah, it definitely looks as though they're headed down a very serious road. Sure, they seemed pretty smitten with each other on Bachelor in Paradise, but it's clear that settling into a more normal existence has only strengthened their relationship and made them even more enamored of each other.

And apparently Cody-Code will go to just about any length to keep Michelle happy, including being poked and prodded with needles.


Get this one -- Cody took the plunge and got Botox, though you might be kind of surprised as to where he was injected.


This is happening!!!! No more sweating for this guy! @cody_sattler @reblumemedical #staytuned

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Yep. It would appear that Michelle's man has an issue with excessive sweating, which is why he didn't seem to have any qualms about getting Botox in his armpits. (OUCH.)

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Damn. Isn't he a good sport? I mean, there's always the chance that he's had this problem for quite some time and was simply ready to fix it, but something tells me his main goal was more in line with making sure he doesn't sweat all over his leading lady.

Hey -- no woman in her right mind likes her boyfriend dripping all over her, right? 

No, seriously, apparently getting Botox in your armpits really does work to control "severe underarm sweating." The procedure only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, though about 15 injections are put into the skin, so it's not like one tiny little prick and you're good to go. Oh, and it can supposedly take up to 4 weeks to see a significant reduction in sweating.

Wow. That Cody. He's definitely a keeper in more ways than one. And in addition to him being a total gem of a guy, as an added bonus, now Michelle will never have to worry about finding T-shirts with pit stains in the laundry basket.

Do you think it's sweet that Cody got Botox, presumably to please Michelle?


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