10 Ways Women Fighting Breast Cancer Can Feel Beautiful & Fashionable (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Oct 10, 2014 Beauty & Style
10 Ways Women Fighting Breast Cancer Can Feel Beautiful & Fashionable (PHOTOS)

ana ono intimates bra the kellyEvery October, retailers are busting at the seams with pink merchandise for Breast Cancer Awareness month. But despite the annual pink product explosion, breast cancer patients used to find a dearth of stylish accessories designed to help them comfortably and stylishly navigate surgeries, chemo, and all other phases of battling the disease. That is, until recently.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 at age 27, and went on the journey searching for fashionable bras after surgery," says Dana Donofree, owner of AnaOno Intimates, a lingerie line exclusively for women who've had breast cancer. "I didn't find ANY! My diagnosis was a blow to my world, [but] I didn't expect that my closet was going to be a problem!"

But thanks to Donofree and others like her, that's now a void these brave women no longer have to face.

Here, 10 of the latest and greatest accessories for breast cancer patients and survivors.

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What other fashionable products for breast cancer patients have you seen lately?

Image via AnaOno.com

  • 'The Rachel' AnaOno Bra


    Image via AnaOno.com

    Donofree created AnaOno's "Rachel" bra ($54, AnaOno.com) for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery as part of their treatment. It's absolutely stunning in romantic ivory, champagne, or black lace.

  • Abbewrap


    Image via abbecote/Instagram

    Abbecote's Abbewrap ($48, abbecote.com) isn't meant only for women with breast cancer, but many swear by it as a useful accessory for them. The versatile garment can be worn in at least 15 different ways -- as a scarf during treatment, shrug, long vest, or even a skirt.

  • LympheDivas 'Tattoo' Compression Sleeves


    Image via LympheDivas.com

    LympheDIVAs tattoo-inspired compression sleeves ($90, lymphedivas.com) were invented by two young breast cancer survivors, Rachel Troxell and Robin Miller. The pair developed lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer treatment that can cause permanent swelling in the arms. They believed compression sleeves worn for the condition could serve their purpose and make a fashion statement. Judging from the gorgeous designs the company now sells all over the globe, they were more than right.

  • Inkspiration App


    Image via PersonalInkProject/YouTube

    Although it is not exactly an accessory in itself, the Inspiration app from P.ink (free, iTunes.Apple.com) allows users to "try on" a mastectomy tattoo in the privacy of their own home -- in order to envision what one might look like on them. Creative and très chic!

  • Radiant Wrap


    Image via CureDiva.com

    This fashionable, tunic-style alternative to a hospital gown called the Radiant Wrap ($59, CureDiva.com) doesn't have velcro, buttons, snaps, or any extraneous ties, making it easy to take on and off. It also comes in a variety of seasonal colors and patterns.

  • Recovery 'Brobe'


    Image via CureDiva.com

    The Recovery Brobe ($129, CureDiva.com) is comfortable, cute bra-robe hybrid designed with women who have undergone a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery in mind. It has built-in pockets in the bra that hold prosthetic breasts or ice packs, and sturdy inside robe pockets that hold fluid for drainage.

  • Tiffie Sleeves in Lace


    Image via TheTiffie.com

    Tiffie Sleeves ($29.95, TheTiffie.com) for lymphedema easily slide on and off. They're available in a lightweight cotton/spandex blend and in a stretch lace for dressier events and come in 6 sizes.



  • Palm Trees Head Wrap


    Image via ModOwl.com

    This stylish, palm tree-patterned head wrap ($20, ModOwl.com) is just one of several patterns -- from chevrons to arrows -- created by breast cancer survivor Jenna Erin Murray for her line, Confessions of a Bald Girl. The soft turban doubles as a scarf.

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  • Haralee Moisture-Wicking PJs


    Image via Haralee.com

    Haralee's moisture-wicking Claire sleepwear ($71, Haralee.com) is made with soft fabric, and no buttons, nor any other details that might irritate skin that's sensitive from surgeries or radiation. Plus, the company donates a percentage of every sale to breast cancer research.

  • Deviant Jeans Camisole


    Image via DeviantJeans.com

    The soft, feminine sweetheart neck of this Deviant Jeans Deviant Heart Camisole ($40, deviantjeans.com) isn't all there is to love about it. It was actually designed with expanded flexible straps that are pretty much the opposite of spaghetti-strap camis. Those can dig into the shoulder, restricting lymph flow and creating indentations in the skin. Straps are also contoured, and the pretty top also features a built-in shelf bra.

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