11 Hot Fall Nail Colors That Will Make You Feel Beautiful This Season (PHOTOS)

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As the leaves change, so do our manicures. Profound, I know ... but once that back-to-school feeling hits the air, and thoughts turn to all things pumpkin spice, I feel the urge to put away my neon pink and vibrant coral polishes along with my bathing suit (sigh... see you in the spring!). Now, I'm in the mood for a different color palette, whether it's a glamorous and rich burgundy, a classic neutral, or the pop of a vibrant jewel-tone. 

11 pretty fall nail colors

Click through the slideshow for 11 of the prettiest colors out now for the autumn season. Which one pairs best with your current fall mood? (I'm feeling #5 today, myself!)


Images © iStock.com/Ullver © iStock.com/SamsonPhotoArt

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