Megan Fox's Beauty 'Secret' Has Her Fans Turning on Her

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There's this funny line in Judd Aptow's movie This Is 40 where Leslie Mann's character marvels at the gravity-defying breasts of her employee, played by Megan Fox. "Are those REAL?" she asks. "Yeah," Fox's character says. "I'm just young." I can't help thinking of that moment now that Fox is being accused of using Botox -- again.

While Fox was doing publicity for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Germany, fans called her out on Twitter or having work done. "Is this Megan Botox on the sofa?" and "Megan Fox was the epitome of beauty to me. Until Botox came into play." So did she or didn't she? And more to the point, WHY WOULD SHE? Fox is just 28 years old, after all.


Fox was accused of getting needled back in 2011, when she refuted claims by posting a series of photos to her Facebook page under the heading, "Things You Can't Do With Your Face When You Have Botox."

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Okay, fair enough. But if you look at photos of the actress going back to the beginning of her career in 2005, it seems pretty clear she's done quite a bit of something over the years. The blog Beauty Editor posted images of Fox over the past decade that suggest she's had work done, from a nose job to skin resurfacing to yes, injectables. We're not just talking forehead-smoothing Botox, but also fillers in her cheeks and lips. So honestly, to that German Twitter user who acts so surprised that his epitome of beauty is using Botox: NOW? You're just now noticing this?

But that's assuming Fox really is messing with her face, and we don't know that for certain.

If she is, though, that's a pretty scary statement on the pressures of looking young and perfect in Hollywood. I mean, the nose job and the skin resurfacing are one thing (psst, please, someone, give me some of that skin resurfacing -- it's amazing!). I think just about every movie star has done that. Well, okay, maybe not Steve Buscemi. But Botox -- when she's still under 30?!?

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Unless Fox is smoking like a chimney (I'm sure she's not) or the two babies have made it impossible for her to sleep, ever (possible), she should still probably have a smooth forehead. At least, that's what I recall from way back in ye olden days, when I was but a young lass of 28. But then I also have a friend who had major forehead creases in her 20s -- sometimes it's just a genetic thing.

Regardless, it makes me sad that a woman still in her 20s would feel pressure to have work to make herself look younger. If that's what's going on here. Which, again, we can't really say for sure. But honestly, I am so sick of Hollywood's psychopathic fear of real-life imperfections!

What do you think about people using age-defying cosmetic treatments while they're still in their 20s?


Image via B. Cool / Splash News, Megan Fox/Facebook

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