Lady Gaga's New Tattoo Is Terrifyingly Perfect for Halloween (PHOTO)

lady gaga tattoo

Lady Gaga, no stranger to ink, added to her ever-growing tattoo collection this week and shared her latest work of art with fans via Instagram. 

But, remaining true to a promise to her dad, the eccentric songstress had her new tatt placed on her left side, where most of her dozen-plus others reside. 

Gaga's newest addition -- a creepy claw/hand -- is being considered an homage to fans, whom she refers to as her "little monsters," as she captioned it "Monster4Life."

Brace yourselves, it's pretty freaky!


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lady gaga tattoo

The 28-year-old Manhattan native took time out from her European tour to acquire the new design. Gaga then shared some unusual photos that show her bottomless at the time the inking was done, which seems odd considering the tatt is on her side and not her derriere. But, hey, I didn't really understand her chicken outfit either

Some argue that the Grammy-winner often tries too hard to stay relevant. This might be one of those times. But it is Halloween season after all. Maybe a super creepy tattoo is just the artist's way of getting in the spirit of the holiday? 

That hand is downright witch-like after all, isn't it? Perhaps seasonal tattoos could be a new trend sparked by the maven of meat dresses?

Gaga's other tatts include a unicorn, which graces her thigh, a mouse, a cherub, an anchor, the words "Dad" and "ARTPOP," and several lines from her fave writer Rainer Maria Rilke.

While this new monstrous tattoo takes up plenty of space, we have a feeling it won't be Lady Gaga's last!

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new tattoo?

Images ©GettyImages/JamieMcCarthy and via Facebook/LadyGaga

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