Jessica Simpson's See-Through Top Proves She Looks Better Than EVER (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson sheer top

Jessica Simpson looks absolutely stunningly amazing, and now we all know just HOW amazing thanks to the super sheer black shirt she wore out and about with her husband Eric Johnson. 

If she were not rich and famous, we'd say she was an inspiration, but let's face it, we mere mortals probably aren't going to look like her any time soon. Still, she's awesome. And she looks it, too.

I also feel for her, though. Who among us HASN'T put on an outfit, thought we looked fantastic, and then later realized it showed way more of us than we intended? I have no doubt that she didn't intend to show quite so much of her breasts.


Jessica Simpson sheer top

See what we're saying? It's the lighting!

The outfit is fierce. It shows off everything that is beautiful about her (hello, perfect waistline!) and is quite sophisticated and lovely. Unfortunately, like many black tops, it also turns sheer under the glare of lights.

We well-endowed girls have to stick together. I know the pain of having peekaboo nipples completely unintentionally. Unless we wear heavy padding in our bras and unless the temperature is constantly a balmy 95 degrees, it's bound to happen. So instead of focusing on the OMG! Why would she wear such a top?! let's focus instead on the Damn, she looks amazing. Because she does.

Wow, Jessica. You are looking better than ever. Congratulations.

Have you ever had an outfit turn sheer on you under the lights?


Images via Splash News

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