Ashley Tisdale's Shocking New Hair Color Is Perfectly Bright (PHOTOS)

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Fresh from her sweet nuptials to the love of her life Christopher French, new bride Ashley Tisdale has gone and done the unthinkable with her hair. If you recall, she had long, luxurious blonde locks, so perfectly coiffed in wedding perfection. So blonde. So beautiful. So impeccably boring. Listen, I love a blonde. So much so that I have blonde tips on my own dark brown hair. But what I love more is that Ashley is having fun with her hair whatever color it may be.

Mrs. Tisdale French (how lovely a name) has colored her hair purple and she's like a rainbow. A unicorn. A pastel mystical wonderland.


I couldn't love it more. Even with the roots. Maybe because of the roots. That purple perfection. Maybe the reason why I love this look is because it feels effortless even though we know that coloring your hair takes a lot of effort. (It also takes a heck of a lot of effort to keep that hair dye off everything in your bathroom, your phone, and your shirt that you wish you changed before you began this whole hair coloring adventure.) Caution: I should note ... it's not easy to tell your almost 5-year-old that she too cannot have bleach blonde tips on her hair (or purple or whatever color you like) because it's only something mommy can have. Thankfully I have some hair chalk to divert my daughter. Aside from that, this hair is a mom's dream come true. Easy-ish. Fun. It hearkens your teen angst years only this time minus the angst.

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Besides all that ... why not have fun with your hair? You could always change it if you hated it. But purple, it seems, looks good on everyone. Unicorns, moms, and Ashley Tisdale.

Would you color your hair purple like this?


Image via Ashley Tisdale/Instagram

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