'Blurred Lines' Model's Dad Says Creepy Thing About Her Nude Pics

I imagine it's difficult for many dads to watch as their little girls go from being babies one minute to hot babes the next. Most of the dads I've known have usually dealt with this fact of life the good, old-fashioned way: by digging their heads in the sand and pretending it wasn't really happening.

Maybe model Emily Ratajkowski's dad is just a realist. From the time she was a tween and model scouts began sniffing around her, I bet he knew she would become an attractive woman. And then, of course, Robin Thicke cemented her status as Hot, Half-Naked Girl by casting her in his "Blurred Lines" music video, which shows him cavorting behind her in a tux while she wears nothing but nude panties and red lipstick. 

To Emily's credit, she is starring in Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and aspires to be a serious actress. Which is great, except for the fact that it now means she'll be giving more interviews where she reveals the creepy things her dad said when he saw her nude photos.


The 23-year-old recently revealed that she grew up wiith a mom and dad who both taught her that her sexuality was a "beautiful thing" and that she shouldn't feel ashamed of it or apologize for it. So far, so good.

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After her dad saw photos of Emily from her first nude shoot (wait, that's not the weirdest part), he apparently texted her and wrote, "I just saw the photos and you're as beautiful a model as you were as a 5-year-old."

That's the weird part.

Was something lost in translation here? Maybe he meant to say, Hi Emily, I'm sure your photos are beautiful. Please understand if I can't bring myself to look at them. Because I'm your father, for god's sake, and I wouldn't feel right about it. Because, in case you missed it the first time, I am your FREAKING FATHER and NO. Just no.

It's one thing to think the world of your child and to support her and even be progressive enough to understand (I guess?) that her body can make her money in an industry in which it is extremely difficult to gain recognition (ugh, it pained me to type that, but I'm trying here). But after your daughter turns, I don't know, 9? 10? Dads need to knock on the bathroom or their bedroom door. And from that point on, there are few reasons I can think of where it would not be totally creepy for them to see their little girls naked.

And they certainly do not need to check out nude photos of their daughter or comment on them.

Do you think Emily's father's comment was creepy or was he just being supportive of his daughter?


Image via emrata/Instagram

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