10 Skincare Mistakes You're Making Right Now

Adriana Velez | Sep 30, 2014 Beauty & Style
10 Skincare Mistakes You're Making Right Now

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We all know how to take care of our skin, right? Cleanse it gently, moisturize, stay out of the sun, something along those lines ... It's not rocket science, but there are a lot of simple mistakes many of us are making with our skin right now. And just think -- you could make your skin glow a little brighter just by dropping these harmful habits.

Some of the most common skincare mistakes might surprise you! Are you making any of the top 10 mistakes?

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  • Not Wearing Sunscreen


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    Everyone with amazing skin says the same thing: Wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Every day. Apparently it works!

  • Touching Your Face


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    Don't! Touch! Your! Face! It's a hard habit for some of us to break, but it spreads bacteria and can lead to breakouts. And picking at your zits is going to irritate your skin more and may even result in scarring. It's hard, I know, but just resist. Here are some natural ways to treat acne instead.

  • Drying Out Oily Skin


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    Those of us with oily skin may get frustrated, but don't take it out on your skin! Using harsh cleaners, overdoing astringents, and not moisturizing will only make you produce more oil. So learn how to treat oily skin gently to keep it in balance.

  • Not Removing Makeup Before You Cleanse


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    Did you know you're supposed to remove your makeup before cleansing your face? I KNOW, RIGHT?? I thought that's what cleansing was supposed to do. But nope -- if you're using the kind of gentle cleanser you should be using, it's not going to remove all your makeup. So use wipes or other makeup remover before cleaning your face.

  • Using Too Many Products


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    Are you a beauty product junkie? It may seem like you need that serum and that balm and that toner, but sometimes women can go overboard with the products, especially if those products are working against each other. Keep it simple! Pare down your skin care regime to the essentials so the products you do use can work their magic.

  • Getting Too Little Sleep


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    Sleep deprivation is terrible for your skin. It can raise the stress hormones in your body, which can inflame acne and other conditions. Full nights of sleep are key to beautiful skin.

  • Showering in Hot Water


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    Hot showers feel great, don't they? Especially in the winter. But showering with hot water dries out your skin, we're sorry to say. This is one of the few cases in life in which lukewarm is a good thing.

  • Feeding Your Skin the Wrong Food


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    You may get away with eating junk food while you're young, but it will catch up with your skin later on (especially the sugar). As celeb esthetician Scott-Vincent Borba told us, what you eat is just as important to your skin as what you slather on it. So make sure you're feeding yourself plenty of fresh fruit and healthy fats.

  • Not Drinking Enough Water


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    If you're not drinking enough water, your skin will tell you. Water is essential to skin health. You don't have to drown in those legendary eight glasses a day. Just try to increase your usual and see if your notice the difference.

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  • Looking Too Much, Too Closely


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    Finally, something almost all of us need to remember: Don't obsess over your skin! None of this hyper-critical staring into the mirror, fretting over every single little flaw you see. No one else is looking that closely at your skin. And no one else has perfect skin. Relax and learn to love your imperfect self.


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