Beyonce Spills Out of Breast-Baring Top With Jay Z Right Next to Her (WATCH)

beyonce global citizens concert

Know why Beyonce is Beyonce? Here's one reason: Because Beyonce knows how to do wardrobe malfunctions like a professional. This weekend she joined husband Jay Z on stage for the live Global Citizens Concert in a plunging lace blouse with high-waisted pants. Early into her performance after Bey gave a little shimmy with some hops, that blouse decided to stop doing its job. It was all, "SEE YA!" as it just gave way under the stress of the performance.

But that didn't cause Queen Bey to quit. She kept going! Watch how she recovers when her blouse goes AWOL.


"Peace out, y'all!" says Beyonce's blouse as it falls to either side.

beyonce global citizens concert

Thank goodness Mrs. Carter was wearing a good bra, or this would be a very different story! Here she is, realizing what just happened.

beyonce global citizens concert

"I know!" she's thinking, "I'll blind my fans with a flash of my super-huge diamond wedding ring! They won't suspect a thing!"

beyonce global citizens concert

A split second later, all is forgotten as Beyonce clutches her bosom out of passion (also to hold her blouse together but shhh!).

Somehow, and this is the truly magical thing, she manages to re-tuck what came undone, and in no time she's back to dancing, hair-flipping, and singing like nothing ever happened.

That's the kind of seasoned performer Beyonce is, and of course just about any other pop star would do the same. But what I really liked was that she was prepared for this wardrobe malfunction. If she'd been busy "pushing boundaries" (like some other pop stars) and had gone on stage braless, we would have seen a whole lot more, and it might have taken her longer to recover.

There's probably a good reason why Bey was able to do all that dancing in those teeny-tiny bodysuits in her On the Run tour.

So I've learned an important lesson here. If you're going to wear something daring, and you're not planning to stand around like a statue, make certain you've got adequate wardrobe support. Prepare for the worst and you'll be a lot more relaxed in your sexy low-cut blouse or high-cut skirt.

Would you ever dare to wear a blouse as low-cut as Beyonce's?


Image via Rick Davis / Splash News

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