50 Perfectly Tiny Tattoos That Can Be Covered or Shown at Will

50 Perfectly Tiny Tattoos That Can Be Covered or Shown at Will

Tiny Tattoo

The best accessory for anyone looking for a little edge is a small, meaningful, well-placed tattoo. Sure, arm sleeves and giant back pieces look cool and make quite a statement, but a teeny tiny tattoo can be both tasteful and sexy without causing a stir. Tiny tattoos are also a smart option for those who might be a little nervous about the pain factor of getting a tat. And even better? They can be covered up as needed. The ability to have a secret tattoo is a perk for someone who is perhaps not quite ready to let the world know that she's taken a ride on the wild side or who might need to be more discreet at work. On the other hand, tattoo fans are sure to appreciate a well-placed subtle and sexy tiny tattoo as well. They're a win-win.

So what makes the perfect small tattoo? A traditional rose on the foot? Or something deeper with more meaning? We know moms who are especially fond of the itty-bitty tattoos that represent their babies or pregnancies so well. We also like something that will emphasize unexpected body parts, like behind the ear, the shoulder blade, or maybe a small flourish on our finger. Truth be told, there is no right answer. All folks will be able to find the perfect tiny tattoo that suits their style, whether that includes color, minimalist lines, or dot work.

Considering taking the plunge? There are so many beautiful options to choose from. And to help with the big decision, we found some of the most adorable tiny tattoo designs to inspire the perfect new piece of discreet ink. From stars and sound waves to crosses and tiny footprints, these lovely tattoos are perfect for the mama who maybe is just starting to find her inner rebel, or for the people who just want a tiny new piece of art on their beautiful bods.

Check out the 50 little tattoos here and get inspired! On that note, why just stop at one tiny tattoo? Their size makes them perfect to get two, three, or more done. No one will ever notice -- unless we want them to!


  • Heartbeat Tiny Tattoo


    Image via Little Tattoos/Instagram

    We have been seeing these more lately, and they're great -- especially for moms. It's not clear whether this one is the wearer's own or someone else's, but a heartbeat can symbolize life or the memory of someone who has been lost. It's a cool idea that packs a huge emotional punch. 

  • Tiny Heart Tattoo


    How sweet is this heart? I love it. So easy to hide. So small. Super quick to get done and so romantic. It's perfect in the spot where the wedding ring hits -- another way to say "love is forever." This one is a great option for couples who might want some matching ink. 

  • Tiny Peter Pan Tattoo


    This tattoo is so creative. It's tiny, original, and totally well-placed. It can easily be hidden by long hair on days one doesn't want to flaunt the ink. Plus the Peter Pan gang is perfect for a mom with three or four kids who fit the mold. This is the reason to love body ink.

  • Tiny Mountain Tattoo


    This sweet tiny tattoo of mountains is a good reminder to all of us to get outside and have some fun, as Serena, the tattoo's owner says. I love this hidden little mountain of ink. This little tattoo could be a great reminder of a family trip to the mountains and would look just as cute on a wrist, ankle, or hip. 

  • Tiny Cross Tattoo


    This tiny and delicate cross still has big, big meaning. A cross on the hand can be a great reminder of faith and family, especially for those who make prayer an important part of their everyday life. This one can be easily covered with a little concealer for those who might not want visible ink at work. 

  • Tiny Wave Tattoo


    Just because it is small, it doesn't mean the tattoo can't have beautifully complex lines. Simple yet strong, this wave captured in a circle is still delicate while big on design. An idea like this could look great on almost any body part. 

  • Tiny Anchor Tattoo


    An anchor is a symbol that can have dual meanings. Is it a symbol of stability or representing an air of rebellion (think pirates!)? That's up to the wearer to decide! This tiny anchor in simple black ink is perfect, quick, and another cool idea for a couple tattoo. 

  • Tiny Moon Tattoo


    The simple lines of this tattoo make it feel so dainty. We also love the moon-flower combination. One fun idea is to choose a flower that reflects a child's birth month or that symbolizes a couple's wedding anniversary. This design works well with any flower, so chose the one that means the most!

  • Tiny Bow Tattoo


    A little bow is so feminine and even has a bit of a retro feel. Here on the finger, the bow is like a ring that can never be lost. A tiny bow can also be a sweet way to symbolize the birth of a daughter. 

  • Tiny Four Heart Tattoo


    These four hearts knot together to make a pretty flower design. This could be a sweet design to represent a family of four -- one could even add an initial for each family member inside the heart! This design works well on shoulders, backs, ankles, or wrists.  

  • Tiny Arrow Tattoo


    Does the person know where she is going? Or is she still wandering? Either way, an arrow tattoo is a cool way to represent the journey. This is one of those tattoos where the owner knows it's there, but others may not.

  • Tiny Knotted Tattoo


    Knots can represent so much, including interconnected lives, marriage, and family bonds. We love the super fine lines on this tiny geometric tattoo. So elegant, and we're getting a hint of Celtic knots!

  • Tiny Lotus Tattoo


    The lotus flower is deeply symbolic and can represent purity and rebirth. A permanent lotus can a reminder of coming through a difficult time or starting a new chapter in life. The lotus is one of our favorite tattoos and this simple one gorgeously placed on the foot is fantastic. 

  • Tiny Milky Way Tattoo


    For those who love star gazing, this is a cool look to consider. This piece shows the Milky Way but it can be customized with a favorite constellation, including one's astrological sign or the kids' signs. Arms or ankles are a great location choice. 

  • Tiny Semicolon Tattoo


    Grammar nerds who also have a minimalist style will adore this teeny tiny semicolon tattoo! Semicolon tattoos are also frequently used to demonstrate love and support for those with mental health challenges, including to speak out against suicide. A semicolon on the wrist has a lot of meaning, so this one is a good choice for those comfortable talking about hard subjects. 

  • Tiny Quote Tattoo


    This elegant and simple forearm quote tattoo is a sweet reminder for anyone. A quote tattoo is a great way to showcase a favorite song lyric, mantra, or line from a book. A fun idea is to have a loved one write the quote and then have the artist render it with that special person's handwriting.

  • Tiny Beach Tattoo


    This minimalist beach scene is giving us positive vibes. For those who love sun, surf, and the sand, this might be the one! For those looking for a permanent souvenir of a beach vacation, consider a simple tattoo like this!

  • Tiny Airplane Tattoo


    Those who have been bitten by the travel bug but aren't into world maps will be captivated by this tiny airplane tattoo. One could even add a new airplane to commemorate every memorable trip! 

  • Tiny Camera Tattoo


    How lovely is this tiny camera tattoo? We like it on the finger, but it would look cute as cool on a wrist, ankle, or even shoulder blade. It's perfect for any photographer, professional or not! 

  • Tiny Paw Tattoo


    Tattoos can be a way to celebrate a loved one, and we all know that pets are family, too. Pet lovers will adore this piece of ink! A paw is the perfect choice to commemorate any beloved animal.

  • Tiny Geometric Fox Tattoo


    This cute little fox tattoo is everything, right? Foxes can represent wisdom, playfulness, and cleverness, which are pretty awesome traits to celebrate. The geometric style makes it friendly to minimalists too! 

  • Tiny Colorful Flowers Tattoo


    These two stick and poke flower blossoms are the cutest tats we've ever seen! These might be the easiest tats to cover up as their color is delicate and light. This design would also look cool in black, for those who like a more graphic style. 

  • Tiny Palm Tree Tattoo


    This adorable tiny palm tree is sure to make anyone think it's summer. This would be a fun companion tattoo for someone who already has  beach, wave, or water ink. 

  • Tiny Lemon Tattoo


    This tiny lemon tattoo is so cute! We love how it's done in color, too. Does anyone else want lemonade now? This is a fun option for anyone who is a major Beyoncé fan or those who just love adding a little citrus to their body. 

  • Tiny Eye Tattoo


    We've got our eye on this clever design! This tiny eye tattoo shows off some impressive fine line work and can represent awareness or awakening. The simple black lines keep it from looking dated and the design works almost anywhere. 

  • Tiny Cactus Tattoo


    Feeling prickly? This tiny tattoo of a cactus outline is perfect for desert-loving minimalists. A fun idea can be to make a cactus garden with a different type of cactus to represent each member of the family. 

  • Tiny Lavender Tattoo


    This tiny lavender tattoo is done in gorgeous watercolor. It may be small in size but it still pops against the owner's skin. Lavender can symbolize relaxation, so this could a be great design for those who need to remember to keep calm.  

  • Tiny World Map Tattoo


    This tattoo is for those with wanderlust! We love how the world map is done in the shape of a heart. A cute idea would be to have a companion tattoo with the other side of the world on the opposite ankle or wrist. 

  • Tiny Calla Lily Tattoo


    Calla lilies are already elegant flowers, and doing them in fine lines make them even more so. Calla lilies usually bloom in early summer, so this could be a sweet way to represent a summer anniversary or a child born in June or July. 

  • Tiny Space Tattoo


    This tiny tattoo of a rocket and a planet cannot get any cuter. The lines are so thin! Plus, how pretty is the watercolor on the planet? It's obviously the perfect idea for anyone who ever wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up, whether that person made it to space or not. 

  • Tiny Flower Tattoo


    A tattoo on the inside of the ear is a bold choice, but also one that can be easily covered with hair if needed. This flower tattoo is sweet and super feminine. We love the pop of color from the blossom. 

  • Tiny Moon Phase Tattoo


    The moon phases are always a gorgeous idea, and we love this tiny rendition of it! This tattoo could look cool around an ankle or wrist, too, though we do love it as a forearm option. 

  • Tiny Elephant Tattoo


    Even Dumbo would smile at this teeny tiny adorable elephant tattoo. Elephants are a symbol of good luck and wisdom, which every mom could use a little more of, right? This one is easy to cover, but who would want to? It's too cute! 

  • Tiny Seashell Tattoo


    This tiny seashell is stunning, notably from the opalescent watercolor shading. A seashell could be a super cute option for a foot tattoo. It's giving us some great barefoot-on-the-beach vibes!

  • Tiny Clover Tattoo


    Feeling lucky? With this tiny hand-poked tattoo, luck will always be on the wearer's side! It's the perfect minimalist design for the wrist. This is also a cool option for any mom who wants to celebrate her Irish heritage. 

  • Tiny Rose Outline Tattoo


    Flower tattoos can be a little cliché, but this simple option skips the color on the rose and stays out of cheesy territory. This tiny one fits perfectly on this person's ribcage, which is a fresh location that is obviously easy to keep covered, making it a good option for those who like a more conservative work look. 

  • Tiny Sunflower Tattoo


    Sunflowers may be some of the largest flowers, but we are loving this tiny version of one! Sunflowers are always cheerful option, which is a great way to reflect a positive outlook on life. This one could be colored in, but we like the black and white look, too. 

  • Tiny Paper Airplane Tattoo


    Paper airplanes aren't just for kids! This tiny paper airplane tattoo, which is followed by a watercolor trail, is so whimsical. The collarbone is the perfect place for it, too! 

  • Tiny Pizza Tattoo


    Who doesn't like pizza? This tattoo proves that pizza tats can be adorable and tasteful. A pizza tattoo is a surefire conversation starter, but the wearer may end up having to explain that pizza passion to everyone who sees it, so proceed with caution!

  • Tiny Cat Tattoo


    Meow! How adorable is this tiny tattoo? We love the cat silhouette perched on a watercolor moon. The wearer doesn't have to be a crazy cat lady to get this type of tattoo, which gives us some cheeky witchy vibes. 

  • Tiny Hummingbird Tattoo


    We wouldn't mind having this sweet little hummingbird follow us everywhere we go! Hummingbirds are tiny and delicate, just like this cool side tattoo. 

  • Tiny Ohana Tattoo


    In Hawaiian, ohana means "family." It's the perfect tiny tattoo for folks who are close to their family or who really love the movie Lilo & Stitch. This one might pair well with the palm tree or seashell tattoos. 

  • Tiny Zodiac Tattoo


    This tiny "Leo" tattoo is making me think we should all get our zodiac sign tattooed on our feet. This would be extra cool paired with a Leo symbol like a consolation or a fierce lion. Leos aren't shy, so don't be afraid to put this one somewhere more visible! 

  • Tiny Dotted Heart Tattoo


    We love this take on a heart by having it totally done in dot work. This design has a bit of an ombré effect, which looks fresh and cool. Imagine this with some smaller hearts beside it to represent children -- so sweet!

  • Tiny Sailboat Tattoo


    For those who love the water, the sun, and the smell of the ocean, this is the ideal tattoo! This tiny sailboat tattoo is adorable and whimsical. It's making us want to go out to sea. This would be the perfect pairing for a tiny anchor tattoo. 

  • Tiny Bird Tattoo


    Flying birds are a classic choice for tattoos. Flying birds represent freedom, travel, and a tiny flock can also represent family. We love when they fly up someone's back and that it is easy to add on additional birds if new babies join the flock. 

  • Tiny Pi Tattoo


    Math lovers rejoice! One can show one's nerdy side and look cool doing it. Even folks who are bad at math will appreciate this cute little pi tattoo. Can we suggest getting this done on March 14th, and celebrating with a slice of pie afterward? 

  • Tiny Leaf Tattoo


    We bet Mother Nature would approve of this pretty green leaf tattoo. Leaves can represent growth, nature, and a love of the outdoors. For mamas trying to be green, this tattoo is a great way to show it!

  • Tiny Script Tattoo


    This person got "God bless" tattooed right on the upper thigh. It's super elegant and can be a subtle reminder of a significant life event. For those feeling #blessed, this is one way to show it! 


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