10 Cute & Easy Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself (PHOTOS)

easy hairstyles

Ponytail, down, messy bun. Ponytail, down, messy bun. Ponytail, down ... you get the idea! Those are my three go-to hairstyles, and I am SICK of them! But I'm also lazy. And busy. So, I've scouted around for some new easy-to-do but super cute hairstyles that we can all totally pull off quickly and without angst.

Because hair should be fun -- and not just on special occasions!

Take a look-see at our slideshow (#1 is my favorite!) and then tell us: What's your go-to hairstyle (and can you pull off the braid style in #8?)?

Image © iStock.com/xavierarnau; © iStock.com/adresrimaging