10 Halloween Costumes Dads Can Wear to Be Part of the Action Too (PHOTOS)

dad costume

Dads often wear many different hats -- from coach and chef to superhero and doctor, sometimes all in the course of a single day. So why shouldn't dear old Dad get into the act on Halloween?

Kids get a such a kick out of seeing their fathers dressed up, and Halloween is the perfect chance for him to impersonate that caped crusader or quarterback he's always wanted to be. Or you can pick a costume for him so he can match the rest of the family.

Whether he's manning the door or out trick-or-treating, sporting a costume shows he's still young at heart and the most fun dad on the block!

Check out our slideshow and then tell us which costume you can most see the dad at your house wearing! 

dad costume

Images © Kate Mitchell/Corbis and iStock.com/RichVintage