Amazing Mirror Trick Miraculously Changes How Women See Themselves (VIDEO)

woman looking in mirror

How do you feel when you look in the mirror? When I look, the first thing I zero in on is my flaws. My eyes always seem to look tired. I have those worry lines between my brows. Speaking of brows, mine are way overdue for grooming. And is that a zit trying to grow there on my chin? I woke up like this. SIGH.

Looking in the mirror is one of the first things we do in the morning, and that moment often decides how we feel about ourselves for the rest of the day. How do we turn around that instant so we feel great about ourselves instead of bad?

One band in Austin, Texas decided to take on that challenge. The Mrs. set up a mirror in a shopping mall and invited women to take a look at themselves in a project they're promoting with the hashtag "#imEnough." What happened next will definitely change how you feel the next time YOU look in the mirror.


I don't want to give too much away here. You just have to see what they do.

That's beautiful, isn't it? It's both humbling and uplifting. We're just not seeing the full picture of who we are. 

I admit, I was skeptical at first. We've already seen other videos about changing how women see themselves when we look in the mirror. So I was thinking, Really? This again?!? Are women so pathetic that we need this constant affirmation?

But their approach is totally different. It's not about recognizing that you, too, are "pretty." It's about recognizing that you are so much more than your face. You are everything you do, your connections, your emotions. And all of that can be incredibly beautiful.

And yes, when we consider it all in this new way, we will hopefully realize that we are all "enough" -- more than enough, really. We're all valuable in so many ways beyond our looks. And beauty really isn't just skin-deep. And those are powerful messages that need to be heard.

What did you think of this video -- did it change how you see yourself?


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