The Bow Braid Headband Is Your Hair's New Best Friend (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 25, 2014 Beauty & Style

bow braid

Who doesn't love discovering a new hairstyle? Especially one that's beautiful, bewitching, and simple to do yourself!

If you're looking for something new to do with your hair or want to give your daughter an alternative to the traditional braid, check out this adorable bow braid headband!

This is a hairstyle that “keeps you the center of attention,” says creator Lilith Moon in her tutorial for it on YouTube. 

The bow braid headband has even made its big-screen debut in the Hunger Games movies -- Prim sported it in Catching Fire!

Click through the slideshow to see how quickly and easily you can make your own bow braid!  

Do you experiment with braids? If so, what's your favorite style?


Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

  • Start with your traditional braid


    Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

    Start off by creating what Moon calls "the regular French braided headband." She sections off portions of her hair and works her way down the braid to finish just behind her ear. 

  • Tie an elastic around the braid to hold


    Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

    Secure your completed braid with an elastic to hold it in place before moving on to the next step. 

  • Grab a hairpin


    Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

    "Grab a hairpin and get ready for the fun part," Moon says. Take a thin strand of hair, make a loop, and then slide it through the hairpin. 

  • Make the bow as large as you'd like it


    Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

    Tug on the loop of hair to make your bow as large as you'd like it. 

  • Pull the pin through


    Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

    By pulling the hairpin through your hair, you'll create the first bow. You can adjust the hair with your fingers to achieve the desired shape and size of your bow and then repeat the process to make as many bows as you'd like!

  • Stunning & simple


    Image via LilithMoon/YouTube

    While the bow braid can serve as a headband, framing the face, it also looks stunning from the back!


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