How to Cure Bed Head and Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair (VIDEO)

curly lock of hair

“Mom!” my teen-aged daughter, Sadie, said in her typical teen-aged tone. “Your hair?”

“What’s wrong with my hair?” I asked and fluffed it up in the rear view mirror.

Sadie didn’t say another word. But I knew what she was thinking.

“My mom has a case of bed head and my friend is about to get in the car and my friend is going to think my mom has the ugliest hair in the whole entire town. And I’m going to die of humiliation.”


Now, I know better than to take to heart a 14-year-old’s opinions, whether they are spoken or not. But I also know there’s no hair, makeup, or fashion faux pas that escapes their radar. So I have to give it a little bit of credence. But first, let me just explain why my hair was looking, shall we say, not at top form.

It was 7:30 in the morning and I had spent the last hour-and-a-half rushing around, trying to get two very slow moving girls out of the house. My daughters go to two different schools, and I was on the second loop, which included picking up Sadie’s BFF, who happens to live clear on the other side of town. Sadie’s school is a mere mile away and she could certainly walk, but I am a kind mother, whether she’s willing to acknowledge it or not.

When I get home from the car pool, which is hardly a car pool because I’m the only driver in it, I always go straight to my computer and check my emails before I take a shower and head to work at 10. Of course, I don’t limit myself to the emails and end up checking for my daily inspiration.

Well, what do you know? Right there on Mad Life Beauty Break, a video all about how to get gorgeous hair in your sleep! Sometimes I think these beauty breaks were written just for me!

This video showed what to do at night to wake up with tousled curls using hair ties or bobby pins and Suave Natural Infusion Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner With Macadamia. After washing, you prep your hair with a dab of New Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Strengthening Light Leave-in Cream With Awapuhi Ginger. Then you pin it up overnight, and in the morning, out come beautiful waves! The video also shows you how to wake up with perfect curls if you have naturally curly hair, which, sadly, I do not!

I never believe anything until I try it, but this looked too easy to resist. I stopped at Target on the way to work and picked up my Suave products. That night I watched the Mad Life Beauty Break again and it was true. It was as easy as it looked.

The next morning as I was scrambling some eggs, Sadie breezed through the kitchen and did a double-take.

“You do something to your hair?” she asked.

“Nothing much,” I said truthfully and smiled, knowing that was as close as I was going to get to a compliment from my 14-year-old daughter. 


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