Mom Finds Unbelievably Offensive T-Shirt That Makes Rape Sound 'Good'

offensive 'rape' t-shirt mom found in boys dept, rack of t-shirts in storeOnce again we have to ask: What were they thinking?!? The "they" in this case starts with the designer of this T-shirt, then that person's boss, the store buyers, and definitely anyone who actually purchased this piece of clothing. What am I talking about? A T-shirt reading, "It's not rape, it's a snuggle with a struggle" with an illustration of hands making the heart symbol.

Yes, really. That's what it says.

BuzzFeed reported on the rape T-shirt early this morning when writer and mom Karen Kunawicz spotted it in the boys' section of SM Supermall, a chain in the Philippines and China. She shared it on her Facebook page because ZOMG!!! Wouldn't you?


Thousands of shares later SM Supermall posted an apology on their Facebook page. They said that they would be pulling all the T-shirts from stores and would investigate how they ended up with them in the first place. More importantly, they said they'd take "appropriate action" to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

We're glad SM Supermall responded so quickly. Hopefully they really will put in new practices to keep something like this happen again. You have to wonder what kind of sick mind would come up with a T-shirt like this. It's baffling! But the designer was just one person. It takes a whole fleet of people to get a product on store shelves, and SM Supermall is right to look at this as a company-wide problem to solve.

If it hadn't been that one mom, Karen Kunawicz, who posted a photo of that T-shirt, I wonder if another concerned mom would have done the same. I'd like to think so.

How would you react if you came across a T-shirt like this one? What would you have done?


Images © & via Karen Kunawicz/Facebook

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