[UPDATED] Woman Gets Third Breast Implanted So She Can Be 'Unattractive' -- Good Luck! (VIDEO)

Update: Well, it looks like Jasmine Tridevil's third boob is probably a hoax. The Daily Mail UK reports that Jasmine's website is registered to a woman named Alisha Hessler, who is known for Internet hoaxes. Not to mention that TMZ reports that Alisha/Jasmine's bag was stolen at a Tampa airport -- and what was in it? A "three-breast prosthesis." Where can I get one??

Sorry, guys.

Most women get boob surgery so they can look sexier. One woman got boob surgery because she wanted to look less attractive to men. Jasmine Tridevil says she wanted to make herself look "unattractive" to men and "doesn't want to date anymore." While some women may have opted to forego showering and brushing teeth, Jasmine took things a little further. Oh, I should say she took them a lot further. Like further than any human being has ever taken anything. Jasmine got a third boob implanted in the middle of her chest.


First, I know what you're thinking. Why, why, why? And then you're thinking, Why would she think this would make her unattractive to men? You see, men like boobs. I'm thinking a third one isn't going to deter them much -- and may even excite them quite a bit. A third boob! If only I had three hands! Or two you know whats! Huzzah!

But let's talk about 21-year-old Jasmine, who lives in Florida (erm, of course?). She says she went to 50 or 60 doctors before she could find one who would agree to implant a third boob on her chest.

She also says she has a camera following her around, documenting everything, and that her "dream" is to get an MTV show. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the generation we have raised. Proud?

Speaking of raising, Jasmine was raised by parents -- and yah, they ain't happy with Jasmine's new friend. She told REAL Radio 104.1 about their reaction:

My mum ran out the door. She won't talk to me. She won't let my sister talk to me. My dad ... he really isn't happy ... he is kind of ashamed of me but he accepted it.

'Cause he's a guy! A third boob to a guy is just like, the more the merrier, ya know? Jasmine, what were you thinking?

All jokes aside, there is something seriously wrong here. Why would Jasmine want to make herself unattractive to men, and go to such an extreme for it? Why would she want an MTV show so badly that she's willing to mutilate herself for it?

Did Jasmine ever think of her future? The fact that she may want kids someday, who are bound to be mightily confused by this boob interloper?

I suspect Jasmine is going to wake up one day, sick of her third appendage, and then try to get it removed. No doubt by then the look of her chest will be ruined anyway.

Poor Jasmine. Little did she know there are so many other, easier, ways to be unattractive to men. She could have gone to Harvard. She could have worn a T-shirt saying, "40 is the new 20." So many things!

But a third boob? That is just not gonna do the trick.

Why do you think she really did this?



Images via Jasmine Tridevil/Facebook

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