What Your Mom Shoes at School Drop-Off Say About You (PHOTOS)

mom shoes school drop offThere seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to getting our kids to school drop-off. There are those of us who feel lucky to make it out the door on time. And then there are the ones who must get up at 4 a.m. to look so impossibly coiffed by 8:30.

If you are trying to figure which kind of mom you are, there is one super quick way to tell: Just look at your feet. If you're sporting sneakers or slip-ons, you're PROBABLY also wearing either yoga pants or  pajamas. Either way, you're the former kind.

Or are you?

We all judge our fellow moms -- or at least we size them up, making assumptions based on their clothes and shoes. But is what we wear on our feet really the best indication of character? Maybe. Here are 10 kinds of shoes you’ll see on moms at school drop-off and what they say about them. Any look familiar?

Take a look at them all below and then tell us:

What shoes do YOU wear to school drop-off and what do they say about you?

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  • Flip-Flops


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    If it's the middle of winter and you're wearing these babies, most moms are wondering if you are all right in the head. Because ice and snow don't mix with open toes. So flip-flops in the cold say you're careless and a bit silly -- like maybe common sense isn't your thing. If it's spring, summer, or the warmer part of fall, though, these cushy shoes say you're smart, practical, and all about comfort. Other moms who aren't wearing them will probably eye yours wistfully and secretly want to be friends.

  • Sneakers


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    The mom wearing sneakers is one of two types. She's either ultra-practical and knows that running late requires faster walking not fit for heels or showy shoes. Or, especially if she's also dressed in workout gear, she's an exercise queen who's hitting the gym after dropping off her kids. If she's the second type, working moms would be full of envy and wish they, too, were headed off to the treadmill instead of to their desks.

  • Mocassins


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    This is a no-nonsense shoe that's comfortable and can be stylish in an offbeat, woodsy sort of way. The woman strolling around in these is an outdoorsy, natural girl who likes to look put-together without trying too hard. She's not one to tolerate pain for the sake of fashion, either. When a fellow mom sees you in these, she might be looking at your soles. Is that a shoe or a slipper? The former is fine. The latter is taking that whole "just rolled out of bed" thing a step too far, my friend.

  • Ballet Flats


    Image via Zappos

    These are similar to regular flats with one big difference: They're girly and graceful-looking, but they have no structure or support. They're also pedicure killers. The mom who rocks these on the way to school with all the uneven sidewalks and potential hazards is feminine and even elegant, but she's a rule-breaker. She's also clearly much less concerned about her toes than me. I like her.

  • Birkenstocks (Bonus: In Winter!)


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    Hippie! You have no time! Birks were very on-trend this season, and that's groovy for those of us who like them. But once the weather gets cold? Probably not. And please don't wear them with socks. Like, ever. Though let's face it: If you wear Birkenstocks to drop your kids to begin with, you are definitely the "devil-may-care" type of mom who isn't the least bit concerned about scrutiny from other moms. And the rest of us are kind of fascinated with you.

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  • Hipster Boots


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    The mom who wears these is all about mixing style and comfort. She likes to look polished without putting in a ton of effort. This is me when I actually try. Sadly, the ice and snow covering the walk to school 3/4 of the year preclude me from wearing these as much as I'd like, but this is my go-to for when I want to look nice without killing my feet. As for what other moms think? Not only do they want to be your friend, they want to go shopping together. Now. 

  • Flats


    Image via Zappos

    The only kind of mom I ever see consistently wearing flats at drop-off is a style queen. We all envy her fashion sense and kind of want to be her. She's so sweet, though, that it's impossible to hate her even though she's thin, chic, usually blond, and pretty much perfect in every way. Sigh.

  • Canvas Sneakers


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    This sort of falls into the boots category for me. They are a step above flip-flops and regular sneakers, but they're not quite "trying too hard." The mom who sports these is super cool and fashionable in her own right but not obsessed with her clothes and how she looks. Besides, any mom who can bend over and tie her shoes while getting her kids out the door is a superhero in my book. Get that woman a Starbucks!

  • Rain Boots (It's Not Raining)


    Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

    This mom is busy, scattered, and often rushed, sleep-deprived -- or both. She's a multitasking social butterfly who's confident enough not to care too much about what other people think. I've been in her shoes (get it?). Sometimes rain boots are the easiest thing to throw on, even when it's bright and sunny. Soldier on, Mommy! They are perfect for tromping over the muddy ground, and even though your feet will get hot, no mom will judge them. Much. And if they do, they're probably not very nice.

  • Sexy Heels


    Image via Zappos

    Moms who wear sky-high heels to drop-off like to look good no matter what the occasion -- and they don't mind suffering for it. They're all about fashion and working it, and love the way sexy shoes make them feel. Sometimes, they're working moms who forgot their "practical shoes" at home or didn't feel like carting an extra pair around. Either way, when I see this mom on the playground or at school, I always feel a mix of envy and awe. I mean, seriously! It takes a special kind of talent and strength to run your kids around looking so fashionista. You have to want it. But also: Ouch. This will never be me.


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