What Your Mom Shoes at School Drop-Off Say About You (PHOTOS)

mom shoes school drop offThere seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to getting our kids to school drop-off. There are those of us who feel lucky to make it out the door on time. And then there are the ones who must get up at 4 a.m. to look so impossibly coiffed by 8:30.

If you are trying to figure which kind of mom you are, there is one super quick way to tell: Just look at your feet. If you're sporting sneakers or slip-ons, you're PROBABLY also wearing either yoga pants or  pajamas. Either way, you're the former kind.

Or are you?

We all judge our fellow moms -- or at least we size them up, making assumptions based on their clothes and shoes. But is what we wear on our feet really the best indication of character? Maybe. Here are 10 kinds of shoes you’ll see on moms at school drop-off and what they say about them. Any look familiar?


Take a look at them all below and then tell us:

What shoes do YOU wear to school drop-off and what do they say about you?

Image © iStock.com/Sashatigar