Nicky Hilton's Engagement Ring is Huge, But Classy (PHOTO)

If you're about to marry the heiress who has everything, and you're a banking mogul who has ... everything, well, exactly what kind of diamond engagement ring should you go for? Maybe you should shock the world and get something simple, elegant, and -- hey, maybe skip the diamond altogether and slip an unexpected jewel on your beloved's digit, like an understated amethyst.

Nicky Hilton and her fiance James Rothschild would not agree -- and why should they? Considering their combined fortunes, it would be ridiculous for us to assume Paris' little sister would be sporting anything smaller than a serious rock. We are just the teeniest bit surprised though that she's wearing her gigantic ring out. In public. Around other mortals. The socialite shared a picture of her sparkler on Instagram and it's everything you can imagine.


So, apparently, there's something called an "engagementmoon," or else Nicky made that up -- as if she needs an excuse to travel. She and her beloved celebrated their engagement in Paris (because why not?), which was where Nicky shot this glorious photo and gave us all a peek at her ring:

I LOVE princess-cut diamonds and this one, though absolutely enormous, isn't as flashy as some others we've seen on celebs' ring fingers. Aside from two smaller diamonds on either side of the stone and a simple gold band, it's actually fairly simple and sweet.

The couple has been dating since 2011 and James proposed to Nicky this August in Lake Como, which was also where they met. He even took a secret trip to the U.S. from England, where he lives, to ask Nicky's folks for her hand in marriage. Awww!

No word yet on wedding details or what Nicky will force Paris to wear (most certainly not something as wild as she would like, we're sure), but I'm guessing she'll stick with a classic cream, champagne, and light pink color scheme. And someone whose family name makes you automatically think of New York City will just have to marry there, right?!

Do you like Nicky Hilton's engagement ring?


Images via nickyhilton/Instagram

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