Woman Becomes 'Human Sex Doll' in Terrifying Before & After Shots (PHOTOS)

victoria wild before photo

If you thought women turning themselves into "Human Barbies" were all the rage, think again. It's just part of the rage! A 30-year-old woman from Latvia, who calls herself Victoria Wild, is now making headlines for spending big bucks ($49K, to be exact) to turn herself into a "living sex doll."

Wild, pictured here before her transformation, now works as a "model, TV personality, and 'bombshell.'" She says she began having operations at age 25 in an attempt to look more like a blow-up sex toy, and now she's up to three breast enlargements to get to a 32G, a nose job, lip implants, and Botox. Eesh.

Wild told the Mirror that she loves the attention she gets and wonders, "Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a bimbo doll? It’s such a sexy look.”

Here's just one of the many eye-popping full-length images she has shared on Twitter.




Apparently, Wild's "successful businessman" boyfriend has foot the bill for her surgeries, and she's thrilled by this, because it has helped her advance her career as a "glamour model."

I guess she sounds happy, and this has apparently been her fantasy for YEARS, so what's the harm ... Still, how downright disturbing is it that she's felt the need to go through such an extreme transformation to feel good about herself and build her career?

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But if a gawking, staring, pointing public -- I mean, attention -- is what she's craving, this look will clearly offer that in spades.

What do you make of this woman's look?


Images via VictoriaWildXXX/Twitter

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