Bloody Tampon Jewelry Is Easily Most Horrifying Thing at Fashion Week (PHOTO)


I want to start by saying NO ONE is actually serious about this "jewelry" -- it's just a silly fashion stunt. Silly? Gross is more like it. At a fashion show in London, designer Meadham Kirchhoff put a "bloody" tampon earring on a model and sent her down the runway. Ew, right? WHY???

The blood on the earring wasn't real. So at least there's that.

Kirchhoff's does "punk-style" designs that are meant to be provocative, so the earring fit right in. The invites to the fashion show read, "Reject Everything!" "Okay!" said everyone. "We're definitely rejecting that earring."

That said, you obviously want to see what we're talking about.


Yes, thank you, I'll take a dozen of these. Messenger them at once to my hotel room at the Ritz.

Kidding! I doubt the "jewelry" is even for sale. I think it's just something they threw in to make headlines. (They sure got our attention!) But can you imagine seeing them in a store? There you are, browsing through Target (haha, like that's where they'd be). All of a sudden, you see a row of them, and you're wondering if someone gross just left them there or if this is a new thing the kids are doing.

Anyway, I should probably mention that Kirchhoff is not the first to think of using tampons as earrings. MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry wore tampon earrings to protest the Texas abortion bill last summer. But because she is a woman of discerning taste, her tampon earrings were unused. Note bene, punk rockers.

It just goes to show, there is nothing, NOTHING new in fashion. Ever. Not even a tampon earring. Now as they say in the UK, Keep Calm and Use Ultras.

What do you think of the "bloody" tampon earring -- bloody terrible idea?


Image © iStock/gbrundin

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