How to Do an Easy Knotted Bun That's Perfect for Moms on the Run (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Sep 17, 2014 Beauty & Style
How to Do an Easy Knotted Bun That's Perfect for Moms on the Run (PHOTOS)

knotted bun

Ladies, we've got the perfect 'do for your busy self! It's a cool, simple knotted bun we spotted backstage at an Erin Fetherston fashion show. But here's the thing: The style was created by a mom and dad. Beauty team, married couple, and parents of two Woody and Amy Michleb of Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa know exactly how much time moms have to get ready in the morning -- and exactly how easy it is for your hair to fall apart while chasing little kids.

"I'm not a ponytail kind of girl," Amy Michleb told us. "I like something more polished, but still easy." Did someone say easy? We'll show you exactly how easy in this super simple hair tutorial. Take a look ...

easy bun

Follow along with this great how-to in the photos below, then tell us: What's your favorite hairstyle for when you're on the run?


Images via Adriana Velez

  • Create a Low Ponytail


    Image via Adriana Velez

    Gently pull hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with elastic. Mist with hairspray to hold in place. Michleb likes Kératasse VIP Volumizing and Texturizing Spray to give hair texture.

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  • Split the Ponytail Into 2 Sections


    Image via Adriana Velez

    Divide the ponytail into two equal sections. Michleb told us you can apply dry shampoo to the pony before tying it into a knot, and that can help it from slipping.

  • Tie Ponytail Into a Knot


    Image via Adriana Velez

    Now grasp a section in each hand and tie the ponytail into a single knot.

  • Secure Knot


    Image via Adriana Velez

    Secure that knot with a pin or two over the base of the ponytail.

  • Roll and Pin Remaining Sections


    Image via Adriana Velez

    Now you're going to wrap the remaining sections around the base of the ponytail. Pin as you go.

  • Keep Going ...


    Image via Adriana Velez

    See how they wrapped that loose end of the knot up and around again? Use plenty of pins.

  • Balance the Knot


    Image via Adriana Velez

    Once you've pinned the remaining sections around the knot, adjust to make sure the bun looks even. Add a few more pins if necessary. And that's it! Now you have a perfectly simple knotted bun. Classic!


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