'Naked' Women's Cycling Uniform Makes Them Look Shockingly Bare (PHOTO)

IDRD-bogotoa humana-san mateo-solgar cyclists kit tuscany

No matter how liberal or uptight you are about nudity, you've gotta agree: The Colombia women's cycling team uniform, also referred to as a "kit," is a total jaw-dropper! 

The IDRD-Bogota Humana-San Mateo-Solgar cyclists made international headlines this weekend for appearing at a race in Tuscany, Italy in the uniform, which features skin-colored lycra around the waist, hips, and between the legs. And due to some unfortunate lighting in one of the team photos, it looks like the uniform only covers part of their thighs and torso -- and we're staring right at their naked ladyparts! Agh!

Take a peek for yourself.


IDRD-bogotoa humana-san mateo-solgar cyclists kit tuscany full image

SO unfortunate. Not to mention disconcerting, because these women are serious athletes. Not fame-hungry, shock-addicted pop stars a la Miley Cyrus.

You'd almost think whoever designed this uniform was playing a sick joke on them. Nonetheless, reports in Colombia suggest it was actually designed by one of the female riders, approved by her teammates, and has been worn for several MONTHS now. Eesh!

Even if that's the truth, it's still a thorough fashion fail. As former British Olympic champion Nicole Cooke tweeted of the brouhaha:

This has turned the sport into a joke. Girls stand up for yourselves -- say no.

Fingers crossed, saying no and finding an alternate, more flattering look is what's next. But even if they wanted to stick with the questionable uniform, it seems like the team won't have much of a choice: The president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) has admonished the kit, calling it "unacceptable by any standard of decency."

Ha. Okay, simmer down there, buddy. The worst part of it is that the style is a distraction from what these athletes are really all about -- their sport and competition! Thus, no matter what the uniform's origin, it really should go.

Thoughts? Would you ever wear a uniform like this?


Image via mashable/Twitter

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