Jessica Simpson Looks Sexy Again in 'Birthday Suit' for Hubby (PHOTO)

jessica simpson

Hey everybody, yesterday was Eric Johnson's birthday -- and wife Jessica Simpson was the first to wish him a happy one. She posted a photo of the two of them last night on Instagram captioned "Happy Birthday Husband of Mine." He looks relaxed in a T-shirt and baseball cap. But Simpson is all turned out in a little black halter and big, leaf-shaped earrings. And wow -- check out that bold, red lipstick!

It looks like all those hard pre-wedding workouts are still paying off for Jessica. She looks sensational, doesn't she? I bet she's keeping them up. And is it me, or does someone really love black? That seems to be Simpson's favorite color to wear these days -- and we can see why. It's incredibly flattering on her.


Her lips look a little odd, though. Is it because she doesn't wear red lipstick that often, or did she get them plumped a wee bit? Um ... never mind, we'll just pretend we didn't notice that.

Jess's hair looks different, too. It's kind of pulled back into a half-updo, and there seems to be a whole lot less of it! Hope she didn't cut it all off??? Nah, she wouldn't do that. I'm sure it's all still there, somewhere.

Anyway, it's a sweet way to wish her new husband a happy birthday. I'm sure her health, energy, beauty, and love are all excellent gifts Johnson truly appreciates.

And did you see the other photos Simpson posted for Johnson's birthday? There's a picture of Johnson as a boy playing the sax captioned, "Let's all celebrate the saxiest MAN I know!!!" -- har har, adorable. And OMG, a super-cute picture of Johnson as a toddler: "I see our daughter Maxi in this pic!! Wow," Simpson captioned. Could you just die? That's freakin' adorable.

Jessica, it seems, just keeps getting better and better post-Baby #2. She's been a poster child for the ups and downs of pregnancy weight gain and for getting back into shape after not one, but two babies in rapid succession. With Weight Watchers' help, of course. But seriously. She looks absolutely amazing, and she should be proudly flaunting all her hard work. And Eric? Well, he's a lucky guy. Happy birthday!

What do you think of Simpson's birthday look?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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