10 Celebrity Moms Who Look Even Better After Having Kids (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Sep 12, 2014 Beauty & Style

jessica simpson maxwell aceEverything in your life changes when you become a mommy. It stands to reason then that, while it may have seemed like a huge deal to cut three inches off your hair before babies, that sort of "transformation" is a piece of cake after you've already given up most nights out, silk dresses that can't survive spit-up, and dozens of other routines you once cherished and held dear.

But motherhood doesn't mean you automatically stop caring about your appearance, lose your looks, or quit experimenting with hair, makeup, and personal style. Quite the contrary, actually. These 10 celebrity moms who look better after baby are proof that having a child or two (or six, in Angelina Jolie's case) can bring out the best in all of us. And, yes, even make us look more gorgeous than we did before we were Mommy.

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Did you do anything drastic to change your look after having babies? 

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  • Kim Kardashian


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    Who are we kidding? Kim Kardashian has been a professional hottie for years. But it's somewhat easy for a 20-something woman to be sexy if she has a set of boobs and a bikini. What's more difficult -- and something Kim has achieved after giving birth to North -- is becoming glamorous. Kim has worked hard to maintain a killer body and -- for the most part -- has traded in her easy, bare-it-all wardrobe for one that's a whole lot more interesting. And she gets brownie points for going blond after North's birth.

  • Megan Fox


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    Like Kim, Megan Fox has always been known more as a pin-up than as a serious actress. Since she gave birth to her second son, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star has shed quite a few inches of length off her trademark long brown hair and, well gosh, is that a seriously elegant pencil skirt we see on her? She has stepped up her style game and looks fantastic.

  • Chelsea Houska


    Image via Pacific Coast News

    It seems only natural that the Teen Moms are going to go through physical and style changes, since most of us -- whether we were pregnant at 16 or not -- don't look the same now as we did when we were teenagers. But gorgeous Chelsea Houska is perhaps the best example of a Teen Mom star who was super pretty before, but then radically changed every part of her appearance -- from her body to her hair and makeup -- and looks positively amazing because of it.

  • Jessica Alba


    Image via Getty Images

    Jessica Alba is one of those woman who blossomed in her role as a mom. The mother of two girls became a business woman who founded The Honest Company after the birth of her daughters. She has also become a lot more demure, sophisticated, and conservative -- but never boring -- in her look and style. Her wardrobe now includes a lot of tailored skirts, dresses, and suit jackets.

  • Snooki


    Image via Cindy Ord/Getty Images

    It's hard to remember a time when Jersey Shore's Snooki sported a bouffant and more leopard prints than you could find in a jungle. And that's because Lorenzo's mommy -- who is expecting baby #2 -- has toned up AND covered up.

  • Jennifer Lopez


    Raise your hand if you remember when Jennifer Lopez wore that green Versace dress -- the one that showed off everything she had years before Kim Kardashian was doing the same. J. Lo has twins. She has a complicated life that includes recording new music and trying not to date one jerk after another. But one thing that has gotten better over the years -- her high-fashion style. Not to mention: The woman does not look like she has aged one day since 2000.

  • Tina Fey


    Tina Fey has it all -- she's hilarious, talented, intelligent, and beautiful. She also has two daughters she's crazy about and can proudly say that she lost weight, gained grace and style, and looks even better in her 40s than she did in her early 20s.

  • Jessica Simpson


    Those legs! Singer Jessica Simpson has always been stunning, but becoming a mom to a beautiful baby girl first, then a gorgeous baby boy shortly after, has led her to become healthier than ever before. She clearly clocks in major hours at the gym and has inspired countless women to try Weight Watchers -- since it obviously worked wonders for her.

  • Charlize Theron


    We should have known that Charlize Theron wasn't afraid to mess with her pretty-girl image when she took on the Oscar-winning role of Aileen Wuornos in Monster. And after adopting her son Jackson, Charlize was not afraid to get radical again, shaving her head in order to work on scenes for Mad Max 4: Fury Road. She looked fierce!

  • Angelina Jolie


    It's hard to imagine Angelina Jolie as the same woman who dressed all in black, got a little too friendly with her brother on the red carpet, and wore a vile of husband Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck. With her goth hair and clothes and wild antics, few of us believed she'd end up as a mom, let alone one to six children. But if there's one thing Angelina isn't, it's afraid of change. She embraced motherhood, and her look softened dramatically as a result. With lighter, sleeker hair, gorgeous, muted makeup, and a more glamorous "grown-up" wardrobe, Angie is now the perfect picture of elegance.

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