10 Celebrity Moms Who Look Even Better After Having Kids (PHOTOS)

jessica simpson maxwell aceEverything in your life changes when you become a mommy. It stands to reason then that, while it may have seemed like a huge deal to cut three inches off your hair before babies, that sort of "transformation" is a piece of cake after you've already given up most nights out, silk dresses that can't survive spit-up, and dozens of other routines you once cherished and held dear.

But motherhood doesn't mean you automatically stop caring about your appearance, lose your looks, or quit experimenting with hair, makeup, and personal style. Quite the contrary, actually. These 10 celebrity moms who look better after baby are proof that having a child or two (or six, in Angelina Jolie's case) can bring out the best in all of us. And, yes, even make us look more gorgeous than we did before we were Mommy.


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Did you do anything drastic to change your look after having babies? 

Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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