10 Beauty Rituals All Moms Have to Let Go -- Sniff (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Sep 10, 2014 Beauty & Style

When I had my first baby, I expected to be sleep deprived. I knew I would have to kiss my two-hour afternoon coffee/reading breaks at my local cafe buh-bye. I even came to terms with the fact that most of my high-heeled shoes would remain buried in my closet until my child was a wee bit older. But I worked to maintain my beauty regimen. I felt a bizarre obligation as a new mom to prove to the world that personal style needn't die a sudden death the second your baby is born.

It worked. Anna Wintour would have been proud.

And then I had my second child. And that's when I realized I'd have to part ways with these 10 beauty and fashion habits and luxuries that I once loved so dearly.

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What have you let go?

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  • Super-Long Hair


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    Megan Fox recently lobbed off about five inches from her gorgeous, waist-length hair and she looks even more stunning, if that is possible. While it's conceivable she went for the big snip because she wanted to look more mature and professional, we know the truth: she has two young children and needs a style that requires 0 percent blow-drying. Sadly, super-long hair that lacks layers or movement doesn't cut it unless you have an extra 20 minutes mixing gel, mousse, and volumizer like a chemist.

  • At-Home Masks and Facial Treatments


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    I was obsessed -- obsessed -- with skincare prior to having children. I still am, but it has become trickier to find the time to use all of the wonderful products that soften and exfoliate and make your skin glow. Desperate times call for desperate measures: yes, I've actually fibbed to my husband and told him I had to do you-know-what, just so he could watch the kids while I lock myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes, apply a mud mask, and read 10 pages of a book in peace.

  • At-Home Hair Color


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    I never understood the argument that it's easier to use an at-home hair coloring kit when you're a mom because it's difficult to find the time to leave your kids and get to a salon. In my experience, the minute I mix the color and put on my plastic gloves is always the exact moment my infant wakes from a nap. I'd rather find two hours a month to visit a salon and have someone else apply my color while I read trashy magazines.

  • Fake Eyelashes


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    My mother wore fake eyelashes every day from the time she was 15 until she had my older brother (hey, it was the late '60s). She looked fantastic. Dramatic. As if she were about to take the stage with her all-girl singing group at any moment. But when you have children, are you really going to fumble with glue and spider-legs at 7 in the morning?

  • Precise Highlights


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    It's one thing to get ombre or highlights that don't start at your roots, but if you're used to having a full head of super-precise highlights, you're in for a rude awakening when you have children. That's when you realize that your hair GROWS. FAST. And you never actually experienced five-inch roots in your pre-baby days because you were able to get your butt to a salon every four weeks. It's a brave new world.

  • Regular Manicures


    Image via Ashley MacKinnon MacKinnon/Flickr

    Manicures, for anyone who doesn't have the patience of a saint, are absolute torture. On the rare occasion I get an hour to myself during the day, I can make a list of 30 things I'd rather do than sit at a nail salon like the Queen of Sheba waiting for paint to dry on my fingertips. As for home manicures, hahhahahaha. That was a joke, right? From her crib, your baby will sense the second you've applied the last coat of polish. She will decide that, if you do not pick her up immediately, that is the moment she will alert the entire neighborhood to your shortcomings as a parent. Two words: gel manicures. A mommy's best friend.

  • Ironing Your Clothing Every Day


    Image via Anna/Flickr

    Before you bite off my head for referring to everyday ironing as a "luxury" and not a punishment, remember: your prettiest clothing probably requires ironing. So, unless you've decided you're cool with wearing polyester and jogging pants every day -- more power to you if you have -- your ironing board is going to have to see the light of day once in awhile. I torture myself every Sunday evening by ironing everything I want to wear that week. It's a royal pain, granted, but well worth it if I get to wear my pre-baby clothing.

  • High Heels


    Image via Fashionby He/Flickr

    Look on the bright side: the great thing about your pre-baby high heels is that you won't outgrow them. But here's the reality: unless you are a committed high-heel enthusiast, and I mean dedicated to high heels in a Victoria Beckham sort of way, you may find yourself sporting ballet flats or sneakers more often than you'd like. Think of it as a temporary change, store your heels well, and look forward to the day when you'll be wearing them daily yet again -- that time will come quicker than you think.

  • Statement Necklaces/Dangly Earrings


    Image via Barbro Andersen/Flickr

    My 5-month-old has destroyed two of my favorite beaded statement necklaces. He attempts to eat my sparkly jewelry on a daily basis. I will give him a pass and blame his sore gums for this behavior and, in the meantime -- to his disappointment, I'm sure -- I've embraced smaller, more delicate necklaces and earrings.

  • Eyeshadow Contouring


    Image via Courtney Rhodes/Flickr

    When I was a teen, I discovered that certain cosmetic manufacturers were actually very nice people who cared enough to provide a step-by-step guide on the back of their eyeshadow kits so that you didn't go to school looking like a clown. Ah-ha, I thought, so that's what you do with the darker color -- you don't just mix all three shades together?? Genius. As much as I know it makes a huge difference to swipe a lighter shadow beneath your brow bone and contour with a deeper shadow, this is what I do as a mom: take finger, push into one shadow, rub furiously along entire eyelid, repeat with other eye.


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