10 Beauty Rituals All Moms Have to Let Go -- Sniff (PHOTOS)

When I had my first baby, I expected to be sleep deprived. I knew I would have to kiss my two-hour afternoon coffee/reading breaks at my local cafe buh-bye. I even came to terms with the fact that most of my high-heeled shoes would remain buried in my closet until my child was a wee bit older. But I worked to maintain my beauty regimen. I felt a bizarre obligation as a new mom to prove to the world that personal style needn't die a sudden death the second your baby is born.

It worked. Anna Wintour would have been proud.

And then I had my second child. And that's when I realized I'd have to part ways with these 10 beauty and fashion habits and luxuries that I once loved so dearly.


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What have you let go?

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