11 Easy Halloween Costumes Moms Can Wear to Match Their Kids

Adriana Velez | Sep 10, 2014 Beauty & Style
11 Easy Halloween Costumes Moms Can Wear to Match Their Kids

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What are the plans for this Halloween? For most moms, that thought hasn't even crossed their minds quite yet. I usually go as Tired Mom Who Stayed Up All Night Sewing Her Child the Perfect Costume. (It's a winner!) You put so much work into making the night magical for your kids, your own costume is often just an afterthought, if you consider it at all.

I do feel like a party-pooper when I take my son trick-or-treating without wearing any costume at all. After all, the night is supposed to be a fun and silly outing, not a literal zombie walk. 

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But to be honest, who has the energy to figure out a grown-up getup after working about the little one's, not to mention the time or money? Plus, some of us are a little too shy to go out in full character to begin with.

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So for moms who want to play along but don't want to spend a lot of money or time on it (aka pretty much all of us!), we have some ideas. These costumes are simple, sweet, and will totally get your kid in the Halloween spirit too. Here are 11 super easy Mom Halloween costumes that match your kids and won't break the bank.

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