The Nude Bra All Moms Need Just Got SO Much Better

If I opened up my lingerie drawer right now you'd see eight to 10 nude and off-white bras and panties at the tippy top where I can easily reach for them at eight in the morning.

Remove those items and just beneath you'll find, oh, about 30 bra and panty sets that rarely see the light of day. They are turquoise. Melon. Raspberry with white polka dots. One pair has glitter and tassels on it and no, not because I used to dance on a pole for money.

My pre-mom lingerie features glitter that comes off in your hands and thin straps that take forever to tie and miniature bows -- oh, the bows. And let's not forget: far too many lumpy, lacey bras to count -- I'm sure you know the kind I mean -- the ones that look horrendous when worn under 90 percent of the shirts you own.

Nude bras and panties are a MUST these days -- and it's about time companies get a better idea of what the word "nude" means.


It's encouraging to hear about a lingerie company called Nubian Skin that has come out with a new line of nude bras for women who are not Caucasian. When we think "nude," we almost automatically get a picture in our minds of Crayola's idea of "nude" -- some cross between beige and off-white. I imagine that must be infuriating for women of color, whose skin tones most assuredly do not suit most "nude" bras and panties.

Nubian Skin's range, which will be released in October, features a wide selection of colors, including "Berry," which is its darkest hue.

I remember a point during my early twenties when it was fashionable to show your bra strap and even better when that strap was electric orange. But there are few times these days when I want my lingerie to do more than provide great support and comfort. I certainly don't think my daughter's nursery school teacher cares about what I'm wearing beneath my shirt, nor do most of my old bras -- the ones that featured crazy accessories and absurd prints (ladybugs? seriously?) -- work with the classic little black dresses I want to wear on date night.

Special, unique, colored lingerie is great. A treat. Necessary. I will never get rid of my fave satin fire-engine red bra and panty set -- which cost me an arm and a leg before I had two little sets of arms and legs to care for. There is most definitely a place for them in every woman's life and there's no doubt my husband would choose red over nude any day.

But for ordinary mornings spent tackling ordinary mom/working mom duties, nude lingerie is a must.

Do you find yourself reaching for simpler lingerie as a mom?


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